omg such a dilemma please help!!!

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  1. Hi ladies! Ok so i was all set to send/return my easy caviar jumbo and was going to buy a classic medium flap...but at the moment i cannot afford to spend more than like $3500; so instead i'm thinking of either buying a new chanel classic mini, woc, or small/medium flap bag in black are there any that are like under $2600? and then i want to buy a pre-owned patent leather woc, clutch, mini etc; or should i buy a new patent leather small bag and buy a pre-owned black classic flap? or keep my easy caviar jumbo PLEASE HELP I NEED T DECIDE!! i attached pic of me wearing the easy caviar jumbo; do u guys think it too big (for me).. TIA much!!~

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  2. It's so nice keep it!!!
  3. I don't think it's too big. As to whether or not you should get a mini or WOC - that depends on how much stuff you like to put in your bag. The Easy Caviar looks nice on you.

    You sound very indecisive. I don't think it's a good idea to plunge into a major purchase when your mind is in a tizzy. Maybe return the Easy Caviar and just think about what you really want for a few weeks.
  4. Can you explain why you're not happy with the bag? What are your current needs and lifestyle?

  5. ya but if i return the easy caviar, it will be very hard to get one again; because they are all sold out everywhere; and i contacted 2 SA's one from saks and another from hirshleifers and both said easy caviar all sold out!

  6. i really loved the bag at first...but these days idk i thought it looked little too big (for/on me)?
    i should have bought the medium !!!!
  7. I think it looks great proportion wise!

  8. hummm k thanks ladies!! and there are much bigger bags than mine right! like women have/carry jumbo bags right?!` and more practical than a mini/small bag ya??
  9. p.s. it doesn't look too like old lady style??
  10. I have the mini and it's sooo unpractical for my lifestyle. I rarely go out so it leaves the house like three times a year.

    I don't think it's old lady at all! Silver hardware looks modern to me. I live in Paris and see chic 20 something's with your bag on a regular basis. Definitely NOT a grandma bag.

    Really I think it's the perfect size !
  11. I wouldn't do anything just yet, think about what u really want from your bag. Are you wanting an everyday bag? Are you wanting a bag just for evenings out? Are you wanting a bag that can do both yet still practical? After you have thought it through then select the bag that suits what you need it to do. You have a whole lifetime to collect them so no need to rush... Just think it through and don't drive yourself nuts about it. Good luck deciding....
  12. keep it !!!

  13. ya i need/want a practical everyday bag! and i kind of am out of time because i don't think i can return it to saks anymore as it has been too long since my purchase (purchased the bag last year)!
    oh well! i will carry it out more often and see how it goes! as i have only carried it once...~
  14. You can't ethically return it at all since you have carried it; that makes it a used bag which nobody would want to purchase at full price. I'd suggest you enjoy the bag as you'll not get nearly what you paid by reselling it. It's sold out quickly two years in a row for a reason, and it looks great on you. Please do the responsible thing and keep and enjoy your bag.
  15. Keep the bag, it looks great on you! I have been searching everywhere for this bag, so if I were you, I wouldn't let it go so easily!