omg omg omg!! im ordering

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  1. I asked my husband for a mono pochette, but I get to get the real bag i want, a monogram canvas speedy 25 or 30 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee im soooo happy. I tried to order it tonight but they were closed so im going to order it first thing tomorrow morning!!
  2. :yahoo: :party:
  3. congrats!
    You deserve it!
  4. Yipee!!! Congrats and Merry Christmas to you!!! :party:
  5. Congrats! Merry Christmas! I love my mono speedy 30!
  6. im so excited, should i get the monogram speedy 25 or 30??
  7. Oh I love my 30. It depends on your needs. I mean if you like big bags then get the 30, but if not get the 25
  8. This is like the ultimate dilema here on the purse forum, isn't it? I have 3 speedys all 30 size. A 25 would be way too small on my frame. If you look in the visual aids thread you might get some perspective from a pic of someone close to your height. Personally, I would order a 30 first and see if you like it. You can always exchange.
  9. What do u mean they were closed? elux is open 24 hours! but I guess you just missed the window, if you order it last night you would have received it today!
  10. No, I called 1-866-vuitton and they dont open until tomorrow. I called it tonight
  11. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  12. yup, i ordered a cles yeterday b4 noon, and i got it this morning w/free shipping! oh the good ol 25 vs 30, i went for 30 b/c i think it look better on my frame (5'7), also for the larger opening than 25. but either way you can't go wrong, i mean it's a Mono Speedy here we are talking about!:wlae: Congratz!:yahoo:
  13. Why dont you just order them from Eluxury? they also have a live person to order from. their number is 1-877-890-7171.
    I really hope you can order it tonight and maybe get it expedited!!:smile:
  14. I totally agree. Eluxury is fantastic to deal with.
  15. Eluxury is great!
    Congratulations on your new purse!