omg omg omg!! im ordering

I asked my husband for a mono pochette, but I get to get the real bag i want, a monogram canvas speedy 25 or 30 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee im soooo happy. I tried to order it tonight but they were closed so im going to order it first thing tomorrow morning!!
congrats! i'm sure you would love your mono speedy in whatever size you get it. merry christmas!:yes:


Oct 31, 2006
well i was going to order it online but i chopped up my credit card months ago and the only thing i have is my credit card number and exp date, I dont have the security number on the back.
Nov 14, 2006
im so excited, should i get the monogram speedy 25 or 30??

I just got one speedy 30 and I thought it could be too big, but now I am glad that I get 30. It holds all the winter accessories (scarf, gloves, hat or earmuff) and a magazine. I just love it :yes: