Omg! I Bought My First Black Chanel!

  1. it tooks MONTHS to save and i walked in and out of Chanel twice a week every week for months and finally I BOUGHT IT (with the support of my bf) i forked over my so afraid to even tell my parents! im a lil disappointed that they didnt wrap the box or anything for me =( it was my first chanel bag purchase at the store..but oh well, its the bag that matters!!!! :yahoo:i hope i made the right choice!
  2. which bag?
  3. Photos please...:idea:
  4. Congrats to you on your first Chanel! Pls tell us more ...any pics?:wlae:
  5. Well what bag is it...................... lol
  6. How exciting!!! What did you get!
  7. Awww, well next time you go into the store ask for the Chanel box and for it to be wrapped nicely! ;)
  8. ^^The boutique should give you a box and white ribbon if you ask.
    But anyway -- congrats!
  9. congrats to exciting! what did you get?:yes: :shrugs:
  10. wow how exciting, can't wait to see pics! Congrats!
  11. I was deciding over the PST and GST. So I brought in my usual things that I put in my regular handbags and tried to fit it in the PST but the PST couldnt fit it all so i bought the GST in Black with Gold Hardware! =) I'll post PICS as soon as my bf gets back from the cameras with him! Thanks everyone for your endless support and encouragement. I don't think anyone else understands how much a Chanel bag means to me =) I'm glad I found THE PURSE FORUM, lol.
  12. Congrats! The feeling of buying a new bag is truly priceless. ...or really expensive! Depends on how ya look at it. lol
  13. Hey congrats!!! And good for you for saving up for it! It makes it all worth while doesn't it!!! Post pics when DH comes back w/ the camera!! Enjoy!!!
  14. Congrats! Great choice! Glad we could share your excitement! :flowers:
  15. congrats!!