Olive Green Day or Sapin?

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  1. Hi Ladies
    I need your help and opinion. I have an opportunity to buy the Day either in Olive Green or Sapin.:graucho: I personally like the Olive Green but i need some reassurance. :s If any one has pics please post, so i can compare. I really appreciate your input on this.:heart:
  2. I think I prefer Olive...Sapin is too dark for my taste :smile:
  3. Hi Nanazi, what year is the olive green from? if it's 05, I can post pics of color.
    By the way, I love both of those colors. I don't think you can go wrong.
  4. Hi Girlie, the Olive Green is from 05 and i have seen the Sapin IRL but not the Olive Green. Some how i am leaning towards OG but want to be sure. Can you post pics for me?
  5. I have been after a Sapin in the Day, just cannot find one. That would be the colour I would choose
  6. I have a sapin box and I love it. I also love the olive green in photos but don't have an olive bag. However, I think the darkness of the sapin may make it more neutral.
  7. I agree with Ronda. I saw a Sapin Day on Christina Aguilera, and it looked great on her. It looks like such a great neutral.
  8. i like Sapin better...darker tones are more neutral and will go great with everything u wear :smile:
  9. Olive green - I'm not a fan of Sapin, too dark. Olive green is just right - adds color but is still pretty neutral. Go for OG!:yahoo:
  10. Hard question I really do like the olive in pics but like you have never seen it IRL. I saw the sapin and have tried it on and it looked wonderful, dark, deep with amazing leather. But personally dark green doesn't go with my wardrobe so I think it depends on how or with what you want to wear it.
    But honestly I don't know if olive would be more versatile...? But I do love the color.
  11. i think they're both great, but if i have to choose, i'll go for olive in either '05 or '03.
  12. Girls i have 4 votes for OG and 4 votes for Sapin. I need more opinions please. :tender: I have to decide by tomorrow.:nuts:
  13. Can I vote once more for Olive 05? the leather was so yummy that season!
    What do you feel like going with?