Okay absolute honest opinions on this AG city

  1. Honestly, I am having major drama w/ this. Can I pull this off? Is it too wrinkly? HONESTLY, HELP!

  2. excuse the look, I ve been working in the yard all day!
  3. I think it looks lovely on you!
  4. OMG, seriously its so pretty on you! I don't think you should keep it if you really don't love it, but wow I wasn't even a fan of green apple before now!:drool:
  5. DENIED. You must keep it. I love it on you!

    Too wrinkly? That's crazy talk! That bag looks like perfection to me.

    But seriously, if you don't see it happening, don't listen to anyone else. I do think you should sleep on it for a while though. I sometimes get a little deflated immediately after receiving a bag but within a few days I am madly in love again. Hopefully you'll *know* one way or the other soon.
  6. I think you look GREAT with the AG. Nicole Ritchie has some stiff competition:wlae:
  7. it actually looks good on you.. yet the leather of the bag is so yummy! the AG bbag looks so striking when u actually wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans.. honestly, i feel it really suits you, jes that u shld wear something in black, white or denim to go with it!
  8. I think it looks GREAT on you!
  9. I think it looks stunning on you with your wonderful blonde hair!!

    But if you don't like it, by all means, don't keep it.

    However, it undeniably looks stunning on you!!
  10. Honest opinion, after u post pics of urself with the AG bag, it looks fabulous on you...but don't forget that the color is not versatile for everyday use...is that wat u want?
  11. it looks fine, i don't see any wrinkles. but if you aren't feeling it, then that's your answer.
  12. Honstly, I think it looks fabulous on you!:love: You look so pretty with it- it even matches your eyecolour!:heart: And I think your skin and haircolour go great with it! Congrats, Shasta!:yes:
  13. OMG that looks HOT! I am in WA State too, by the way! :heart:
  14. Shasta, you definitely can pull this color off. Here's a pic of Lilo I found with her AG work, she has the same blonde hair and skin tone like yours, and you ROCK it better than her!:jammin:

  15. Honestly? I don't see anything wrinkly about it! It is perfect and looks smashing on you!