Ok...so my BRYNNE came today..

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  1. So, my Camel Brynne came today. Lucky my two year old son came running to me with the 'Sorry you were out' card that the postman put through the letter box, or else I would have missed it. I was in the kitchen and didnt hear the door knock at all...
    I had to run out on to the street and flag him down! I didnt get charged customs this time too!!! Phew!!

    Anyway, firstly...Huskylover, Im 100% sure your Devin will be authentic, as I used the same seller to buy my Brynne from and its all good!

    Now to the Brynne....and Im sorry to say...that my Lena has got competition. This really is :heart: at first sight! I looooove it:yahoo:!!!

    Its much bigger and more csaual than my lena, so I can definately use it as a day trip bag. Also, Im please to find out that the corset design is on both sides of the bag. For some reason I thought it would only be on one side. The camel colour is great, just the shade I was hoping for ( it matches my summer strappy sandals). The smell is good too, just like my scarlett, a nice leather smell. (not a whiff of fish oil!) Its made from the same lambskin so its softer than my Lena.

    Im a happy bunny today. Im just off out to pick up daughter. This will be Brynnes first trip out.!!!
  2. I love how your bag looks in the crook of your arm, just beautiful.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Brynne looks wonderful on you. Also glad to hear it's authentic, Devin should be here tomorrow!
    Does Lena still stink?!!!
  4. LOL...nope Lena's stink has faded. Just smells like normal leather now.
  5. Looks fabulous on you, Halzer and the colour is beautiful:heart: Makes me ache for a Cognac Marcelle even more...

    That was great about customs, all those stupid taxes, gets on your nerves..

    Enjoy that bag, really suits you!
  6. that last pic really does it justice on ya! Rock that bag girlfriend!

    congrats! weee :wlae:
  7. Looks great! Congrats!
  8. Now, that's a beauty! It looks to be just the right size. Hmmm...I would love one in black! (not that the camel isn't purdy...)
  9. oh that's a gorgeous bag and it looks so good on you!
  10. Thanks a lot! All this Brynne talk lately has made me want one, too. I didn't realize that the Brynne was a great tote bag size. Looks good, Halzer!
  11. Gorgeous, I've always loved that bag and I love it in this color.
  12. Halzer, your brynne looks fabulous on you and the color is wonderful. Congrats!
  13. Halzer, I love my Brynne too! Such a great, roomy bag. It looks great on you!
  14. Oh jeez. Thanks Halzer! Another bag to obsess over!
    It looks absolutely fantastic on you! And what a great deal too. Congrats! :yes:
  15. Thanks everyone...
    Just the black bonnie to come now and my handbag needs will be complete.