Ok...so my BRYNNE came today..

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  1. Haha. Sure sure Ms. Purse Ban 2008! I'm gonna hold you to that. (not really.) LOL! :lol:
  2. I've never seen a Brynne look so pretty. It really does take IRL pics to get a feel of a bag. It's larger than I thought but probably the same size of a Marcelle, right? Anyone know?
  3. Do you know something though..after 10 minutes posing in the mirror and 20 minutes fondling...I still love my Lena more.
    Dont get me wrong, I love the Brynne too, but its my chuck-around-tote bag, where as the the lena is more classy. I also find that the Lena leather seems stronger than the 'lambskin' Brynne that scratches easily.
    Im looking forward to seeing the Brynne once its more 'distressed' looking, as I dont like bags that look brand spanking new.
    Hhhmm...I might have to get the cheese grater out! :lol:

  4. Nooooo! :wtf:
    Poor Brynne!
  5. I think that bag is gorgeous! I love how it looks on you, and the color is perfect. It's really big, bigger than I had previously thought,
  6. Congrats!!! :yahoo: It looks absolutely fantastic on you!
  7. :nuts: LOL
  8. oh wow...that bag looks AWESOME on you! enjoy!
  9. Wow what a totally Posh bag! Looks marvelous on you Halzer! Thanks for sharing it with us. :tup: