Official piercings thread

  1. ^^ty:hugs: I recall the first time when I got my ears pieced. It was with a gun. Same when I got my top part of my ear done...gun. I recall my bestie saying that we would have to roll to a tat parlor because places like Claires and Piercing Pagoda won't do the tragus. So excited.
  2. Yeah...they won't.

    I've had my lobes and upper cartilage pierced with a gun as well. I had no idea it was the wrong way, but apparently it can really damage the cartilage? Definitely find a reputable tattoo place. They'll fix you right up!
  3. 3 in one ear, 4 in the other. That's IT. I'm too chicken to get anywhere else pierced. :p
  4. doesnt Claires use a piercing gun? anyhow, i have a question, sort of. i have two holes in each ear, (well, i used to. the 2nd hole in my left ear just closed two weeks ago because i haven't worn earrings in my 2nd holes in months, but thats irrelevant.) and the first holes in my ear were pierced by a doctor but i was so young that i don't remember it. they turned out fine, nothing wrong with them. My 2nd holes which were done at Claires maybe three years or so ago........well, i remember exactly that I followed the After Care correctly. I cleaned them with the bottled stuff they gave me every single day, followed the directions to a T. But when i take the 2nd earrings out, (this was ever since i got them done, not just recently), the piercings themselves (not the holes done by the doctor, only the ones done at Claires), are a purple/black color, and the piercings are itchy. I'm wondering if Claires made a mistake or something? I've talked to other friends who've gotten their ears done there before and they all told me the same thing too, the ear piercing looks purple/black as soon as you take the earring out, and is itchy.

    LOL. I'm only planning on getting my cartlidge peirced there out of sheer convience because its located in the mall.
  5. Yes, Claire's uses a gun, and the reason it's bad is because it causes a lot of trauma to the tissue surrounding the hole, which could explain the discoloration. It's also not nearly as sterile as using a piercing needle.
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    -Aw heck, I got my nose pierced (on the side) this year when I am 53! I also have regular ear piercings, 2 in one ear, 3 in the other, but I only wear in the one now. Interestingly, the others have not closed up, and I haven't used them in about 28 years!

    I don't even know what most of the words mean in this thread!
  7. I've got one hole in each ear. But, I've always wanted more. One of my earlobes is noticeably smaller than the other, though, and I don't know if there is room for even a second hole, especially if I want them to be even. :sad: I was thinking of just getting one or two extra holes in my left ear (the bigger side), but would that look weird? I'm in my early 30s, I don't want to look like I'm trying to be a teenager. :p

    I'm also curious about the belly button piercing. I have no kids. If I get it done now, and get pregnant in a few years, will it close up if I remove it before planning a baby? I don't want to have it get stretched out.
  8. If you don't want it to close up, there are long and flexible belly rings to wear during your pregnancy!
  9. i have 7 piercings.. 6 in my ears, and left side of bottom lip.

    ears didnt hurt at all.. and i got my dentist to infiltrate my bottom lip area with lidocaine anesthetic before i got my lip pierced.. lol so i didnt feel a thing! i hardly ever notice its there, cuz its super small! i love it! i was never a piercing person, until i finally grew a set and decided to get my lip done. i think ill keep it for a long time.

    heres a picture from when i first got it done, and the swelling finally went down.

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    right now I only have pierced ears. when i was 15 I got my nose pierced but had to remove it after 10 months because I inflamed everytime I got my "monthlies". when I was 17 I pierced my cartilage with a gun, by myself!!! - bad idea, removed it after 2 weeks. since I was 13 I always wanted to have my tongue pierced, but you had to be adult (18) to get it done without a permission of your parents. So when i was 18 I did it ( not by myself this time:biggrin: ) and kept it till was 22. got rid of it because I realized that piercings where so popular among 15/16 year olds and women I hated. . .

    doesn't mean I don't like women with piercings, it was about some girls I did know back than. . .
  11. Love my tragus piercing

    Hurt a bit, but it's over pretty quick
  12. I didn't know that! Thanks! :biggrin: Does the hole get stretched out though? That's my concern, if I keep the piercing, that the hole will be stretched out larger than normal.

  13. Me, too! I have two holes in one ear, three in the other and my tragus. All I wear now days is my first hole and my tragus and I :heart: it!

    I've had my nose done before but I wound up having to take it out for a stupid part time job and I'm REALLY wanting to get it done again!
  14. Even if it does, it'll shrink back as it heals, much like any piercings.
    If you don't have something in it, it'll heal and shrink.