Official piercings thread

  1. I only have one in each of my ears nowadays. All through the last year of high school and Uni I had several. I started with my nose (on the side), then tongue, tragus, and I expanded one of my regular ear piercings. The last one I got was my septum, which I can guarantee you, hurts like hell. I've never been squeamish with pain, but that one did me.
  2. i used to have 3 piercing on my ear, but now i keep the first hole cause i didn't like how the multiple earrings looked on there especially since my ears are kinda small. i have my tragus, cartilage and belly button pierced. i was gonna go for more but i kinda grew out of it.
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    I have currently 10 piercings, 3 sets of lobes, 1 cartilage, 1 tragus, 1 rooke, 1 conch. However, ive been pierced for a total of 14 times. Cartilage x2, belly x2, tragus x2. my belly ring ripped out the 2nd time, but i didnt feel it at all, it happened during swimming (my body rejected the piercing). I now have an ugly scar from my belly ring.

    I would have to say the conch hurt the most, then tragus, and then rooke.
  4. Did it hurt? I've been flirting with the idea but I haven't made a concrete decision....How was it on a scale of 1 to 10?
  5. for me the tragus didn't hurt at all...and it healed really fast. the only problem for me was changing the way i sleep so that i didn't lean on it.

    by contrast, i had the top cartilage done ages ago and i don't remember it being awfully painful at all...HOWEVER, last year i got the middle of my ear cartilage pierced (maybe an inch apart from my top one), and my ear turned BLACK. it was horrible. i couldn't handle it and took my piercing out after 2 weeks. waste of $95! :p
  6. I have two holes in each ear and my belly button done.
  7. which one hun?? i have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so i honestly wasnt bothered much. my tragus and rook piercings didnt hurt when they were actually being pierced, but i sometimes would forget they were there and would bang them with my phone, or snag them while taking off my shirt- thats the only time they would hurt. with my nipples, i wouldnt call it pain, it was more discomfort
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    I'm so boring compared to most of you. I have three holes in my left ear. I only wear very small diamond or pearl studs in the higher two holes. In my right ear, I have only one piercing. Boring, huh?

    I've toyed with the idea of piercing my nose but I think I'm a little too old.

    Side note... I've had to google more terms in this thread than in any other thread I read. :p
  9. I have 4 holes left open in each ear, I used to have 14 in each. I have my nose pierced, and my belly button. I used to have my eyebrow and my lip pireced, but I took them out.
  10. i have a few piercings

    4 in each lobe......2 in the left cart.......1 in the right and an industrial on each side

    also navel top and bottom.......nipples......tongue and septum

    industrials hurt like hell and i made the mistake of getting both done at the same time......complete mistake as i had to sleep on my back for months

    if i had to do it again i def would have done one at a time and at least 3 months apart
  11. i dont think the septum is supposed to hurt, just make your eyes tear. maybe they did something wrong? mine was a piece of cake.
  12. mine wasnt bad either

    no worse than any others

    as long as they dont go too high but stay on the "sweet spot" you would have been fine

    mine just stung for a minute and made me cry

  13. I have my tragus, rook x2 in my right ear, nipple (which took yearsssssss to heal for me, but I never gave up :upsidedown: lol), cartilidge x3 and 4 piercings on the lobe in each ear..I used to have my navel pierced..but for some reason my body rejected it. Now that I'm 30..I took out a few of my lobe and cartilidge piercings because I feel like I'm too old for so many..but my double rook and tragus are my fave. I always wanted to pierce "down there"..but am way too chicken..
  14. In a week or two, one of my besties and I are getting our tragus done. So excited. But sorta nervous. I have a high threshold for pain(no epidural during both pregnancies). But I know the cartilage is thick. Questions constantly circling in my mind: Do they use a gun like on the lobe or is it a needle? Will they have to numb my ear? But I am still looking forward to it.
  15. Using a gun for piercings is a BIG no-no!! If you aren't already planning on it, you should really go to a tattoo place...they will pierce it the correct way, which is with a needle.

    No, they will not numb your ear. Truly, it's NOT a big deal at all. A sting, some pulling/pressure, and it's done in less than a minute. You'll love it!