Official MOYNAT Thread

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  1. I have the grey nubuck, which I love, and haven't used it extensively but it seems to be OK without being overly babied. I have avoided rain religiously and it still looks great. Your SA can tell you how best to keep it looking good in case of dirt, etc.

    It's a great bag and holds a lot more than you might guess. Good luck!
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  2. Okay Ladies & Gents, are you ready for some NYC Moynat Boutique eye candy-
    Let’s start off with the Danse in pebbled calfskin, in taupe and cognac, lined in leather.
    9ED652A8-9FC1-40DC-BA9C-86D90E591BA8.jpeg 29A6B09F-D7B4-4A3C-8553-E98D809AB68D.jpeg 384D5FFB-450F-4A8E-B06C-9FC557AC4EDD.jpeg
    This is one of their newest bags. It’s called the Tango Rio- it has a metal handle.
    Suede Rejane bags!!!
    C449D591-DBF6-4612-99D3-B6BA28B6F204.jpeg 6A928640-5746-4361-ABFE-41FA9A662F0D.jpeg 05C8FCA5-FCBF-45E6-BC35-A5F77725BDE9.jpeg
    I’m in love with this peacock blue Gaby!
    I think this box leather Kale green Gabrielle is my favorite! It’s stunning, imo.
    Okay, so here’s the latest I’ve heard-
    The Saks/Moynat opening is this Sunday, 3 February. Special pieces have been ordered for that opening, including an exclusive Gaby, just for Saks- only 8 made world wide. It’s taupe w/ gold hardware and a special canvas/leather thick strap. Photos to come of the opening and the bags.
    Thank you to Curtis!
  3. Thank you dear bagnut1!

    My SA told me to avoid water and oil but I think it’s a bit difficult as I want to use it as a carefree daily bag. I’ll try to wait and see if they make the mini size in leather like the bigger version in the coming year (fingers crossed)!

    This year I’ll be happy just to get my fleur bag in red canvas and black barenia leather [emoji13]
  4. Can’t wait to see pictures of the special bags for the opening! Thanks for all the eye candy [emoji177]
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  5. If I remember correctly when the NYC store opened they had a mini Danse in a soft cognac colored leather (not nubuck). Perhaps it or similar will reappear.
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  6. Oh and it looks like there is a new one in @Sourisbrune 's post with the new bags!
  7. I’m not sure the one in the photo is the mini version though. The mini has two ears sticking out like Dumbo (I think it’s so cute!)

    By the way there is also a cabotin osier coming which has the material like the Kelly picnic. Can’t wait to see it in person!!
  8. The Danse in the photo is the larger of the two sizes.
  9. Thanks, hard to tell from the solo photo which size. Glad it's coming in new leathers/colors!
  10. I agree. I’m not a suede fan. I think suede is beautiful, but it gives me eczema on my hands. Smooth leather is the only way to go (for me).
  11. upload_2019-2-5_16-39-5.jpeg
    Dear ladies,
    My SA in NY has sent me additional pictures of purses above. Christine, my SA, has been really nice and helpful to me, sent me a beautiful box with red envelopes for Chinese New Year.
    Happy Chinese New Year!!
  12. Has anyone been to the NYC pop-up in Saks? Dying to see pictures of the exclusive Gaby!
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  13. @bagmad73 Your Loulou bag is so classy! May I ask how its leather feel like comparing to the Constance box? Are they the same or Loulou is thinner? Is the Loulou smaller than the Constance? I really like the Loulou but I have never seen one irl. Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you. It is a gorgeous bag and the locking mechanism (as with all Moynat bags) is just amazing.
    Satin calf is smoother then box and has a different shine to it. In terms of care and hardiness, about the same. I cannot comment on the thickness of the leather though. Satin calf is softer. I can put more in the Constance because it is square. The Loulou is curved so I have to fit my stuff in properly. Hope that helps. [emoji4]
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  15. my mimosa rejane bb

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