Official MOYNAT Thread

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  1. Darling mods just wanted to tell or ask if the forum can open a section for MOYNAT the classic French brand hat has been relaunched by mr. Arnault as his personal pet project I just bought a wonderful bag and wallet there the quality is supreme and many readers and Hermes and bag lover alike will profit a lot from it !!!! Please do consider it I can help with pics and reference thankyou sorry for posting here but it's all I could figure out lots of lve thanks for the great forum !!!!.birkel.
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  2. Hi!
    We only make new forums/subforums when there's a TON of threads about a brand.
    I just did a search and didn't find even one thread on that brand. . . sorry!
  3. hello all,

    I want to know if anybody has visited the new Moynat store 348 Rue Sainte Honore??

    Birkel was kind enough to share her experience and I am wondering if there are any other fellow tPFers who have visited and have any experiences to share? pics, reviews, quality, pricing etc???
  4. LVHM is just trying to make anther hyped company. doubt it will work. trunks are a thing of a pass and more of an art or for the super super rich.....
  5. Hey Guys,
    Was in Paris last week and after reading the posting on , checked out the store,,,It is beautiful , Lovely designs and very very friendly welcome(So un Parisian).
    My man got me the amazing tote with four handles,,love it.
    will post pictures.
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  6. Hi Birkel,
    I picked up the Quattro reversible with four handles.
    What was your buy If I may ask?
  7. Darling I bought a Pauline haute in butter yellow with my initials on the name tag in a grainy leather just like taurillon clemence type leather and a beautiful trunk billfold for my fiancée that is just perfect with art deco lines in a grey glazed leather with orange chevre contrast, lining also had his initials marked on the inside. I loved the store the experience the quality the classic items everthing it's just how I would have wished Hermes vuitton and goyard would have evolved !!!!!
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  8. Can someone please post pictures..!!!
  9. I'm really excited to see how Moynat evolves and the experiences so far are promising. Please do post pictures of your purchases when you get a chance ladies - I'm very excited to see what they've come up with.
  10. I have the catalogue n can scan a few images.
  11. crocodilemonkey, if you could scan and post pics I would really appreciate it :smile:
  12. Some more. Cat Moynat104 copie.jpg

    Cat Moynat105 copie.jpg

    Cat Moynat106 copie.jpg

    Cat Moynat107 copie.jpg

    Cat Moynat108 copie.jpg
  13. Thank You very much :smile: