Official MOYNAT Thread

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  1. Thank you so much for your reply, @bagmad73 !! It is really helpful for making decision!! Love love Loulou!!:smile:
  2. Here are just a few items from Saks. The Gaby is limited edition and only sold through Saks. I like the fabric strap, though it has a hint of a Hermes Berline or a Hermes bag I saw a few years ago, they no longer make (the name escapes me right now).
    This is a metal Limousine clutch.
    Men’s line- the Limousine and a new bag, in dark brown.
  3. Thanks for sharing! Love the gold hardware and wide hybrid strap on the Gaby.
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  4. Delays in the So Coast Plaza boutique opening.:facepalm::panic: Stay tuned. :whut: I’ll let you know more, when I get more info.:confused1::hugs:
  5. There is one left, then that’s it. No more will be made w/ that combo. They sold quickly.
  6. 91C97C0F-2B72-4188-93F8-F2A317FF6DF5.jpeg Okay, I’m weird. Curtis took a photo of a strap for me and I eyed the wallets and coin/card cases in the background. I thought I would share the photo, because the colors are so pretty. I was awed by the quality of workmanship in the strap. The strap of the bag I’m looking into provides plenty of room to add holes, if needed. Yay! I’m almost 5’10” and that’s exciting to me. Yes, I am weird.:panic:
  7. Thank you for sharing, your posts are helpful for those of us who do not live near a boutique.
    I like the white monogram zipped wallet in the background, although it reminds me of goyard.
    Is the store able to punch more holes on the strap or you have to take it to a third party?
    Does anyone know the current price of Gabrielle MM and PM in New York? Since both the London and Paris boutique increased price in January, not sure it is still a better deal to purchase from overseas.
  8. My SA said he could punch extra holes, but I’ll verify with him and let you know if his answer is different than I remember.

    The handbag cannot be exchanged or returned after altering it, so I’m thinking about buying the Gaby, having it sent to me for inspection, then sending back the strap to have it punched, if I like the bag. Thinking about it, I might not need the strap punched, the Gaby bb strap’s longest length is 23” w/ holes every two inches and it has 5” of extra strap (w/o holes). I need 23-1/2” for my desired drop- 23” is close enough.

    The Gabrielle has a 22” drop (longest length) and I’m unsure about the excess strap length (w/o holes). It may not have enough for another hole.

    I hope I’m not confusing you. I know what I’m thinking, but I don’t know if it’s coming out right.

    As for price, it depends on the hardware. Gold hardware costs a couple of hundred dollars more than silver. I can probably find out the prices tomorrow, if somebody else doesn’t let you know before I get back to you.

    Yeah, the white wallet reminds me of a Goyard, too.
  9. Gabrielle PM- $4300 for silver hardware
    MM- $5100 for silver hardware
    I see that the Mini in euros is €3800= $4,296USD, the same price as the PM. It looks like the days of the euro discount are gone. Perhaps there is still a tiny difference with the VAT.
    I forgot to ask about the hole punch, but can ask later.
    I hope this helps.
  10. Hello all :smile:
    May I ask what the current price for a mini rejane in carat calf is?
    thank you!
  11. Just wanted to jump in as I bought a mini Gaby last week at Selfridges in the UK and i am so in love. I have had a wallet for a few years, but have been buying H and LV recently due to no Moynat stores in LA (there was one at Barney's but it closed). The mini Gaby is so nice and now I want like 3 other bags. So glad to find this thread and other fans as its great to read and see the pictures.
  12. If Curtis is working tomorrow, I’ll text him and find out. I’ll let you know, if no one replies before i get back to you.
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  13. Welcome and Congratulations! You got the color I want. The black is beautiful! I reeeeeeealllllly like the style and the look of the Gaby. I think when I get the first, I’ll be hooked and want more, too.
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  14. Thank you so much
  15. The boutiques do not punch extra holes, but a cobbler could.