Official Juicy Couture Chat Thread

  1. tomiracle always has a good amount of pics but i am not sure if she is a legit seller or not, some of her stuff has been released but there is always that nagging and where she gets them from? (that is 2 questions,oopsies again)
    hey liz, glad this oldie makes you laugh!
  2. Puka - :roflmfao::lolots:

    katie - I have bunches of Juicy stuff, bags, wallets, wristlets, banks, gumball machine, clothes, jewlery, you name it. I mostly buy the clothes for my little ones. The tracksuits are super-comfy though.

    I am smelling a trip to Florida next month. You know Daytona and all... and if my husband values him living nag-free he better take me to the Juicy outlet!
  3. Tup, hope you find lots of goodies at the outlet. The jewelry prices are usually good, at my closest outlet, but the bags are hit & miss.
  4. a trip to florida...sounds great! drag him by the ear if you have to tup to the closest JC store!
    just did something cheeky:ordered a complete tracksuit from the JC sale!! a colour named reds left!
  5. Congrats PUKA! The tracksuits are super cute! I agree, push, pull, or DRAG DH to the outlet TUP, if you get the chance to go to Florida. And soak up some of that sun too!
  6. Hi ladies!! I've missed you all and I'm so excited to be collecting again:yahoo:. I had to quite cold turkey when the little guy was on his way and I parted with a ton of charms (over 100). Now I have around 40-50 and I'm being much more selective when buying so I don't get carried away (at least that's the plan).

    I noticed it's pretty quite around:tumbleweed: I hope everyone is going well.

  7. Congratulations on your baby boy! He is just darling. Glad to hear you are back to collecting charms & hope to see you here often.
  8. nice to see you again tatertot! and your son is beautiful,cutes smile...
    it hasn't been that quiet, he had a bit of drama but seems that is gone.hope to see more of you around!
  9. Welcome back Tatertot! I am glad you are able to start collecting again.
  10. Thank you so much for the warm welcome back Katie, Puka, & Sweetwon:love:

    Having Emery has been such a blessing and I'm so happy to be getting back into the charms again.
    I'm so happy you scored one of your charm HG's Puka!! It's so exciting getting a charm you've been wanting forever.
  11. it is...although is nothing compared to your little one!
    my son turned 15 yesterday and looking at pics of emery reminded me of how tiny he used to be! he had a full head of black hair, a cute banana smile and he was a he is taller than me,really skinny...only the smile and the hair haven't changed!
  12. Hey, tatertot, welcome back!
    Your pic of Emery always makes me smile. :smile:
  13. Awww thanks ladies:heart: You really nailed it Puka, he's just a little butterball and he was born with sooo much hair lol. I can't imagine him getting big and I wish I could keep him tiny and snuggly forever. Happy Birthday to your son too!! One more year till he's driving huh?
  14. Count me in Tattertot in loving that baby picture. His smile cracks me up.
  15. thank god not here tattertot, i think he has to be 17 to get his learner's permit! luckily for him it'll be his dad who'll be doing the teaching...i don't drive:blush:
    and yup,when i see him i still see my little butterball...he still has the cuddly he used to go to bed with although the poor bunny is barely alive!
    give emery a big cuddle from his JC "aunties"!