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  1. This is the subforum chat thread. You can chat about anything and everything, related or non-related to Juicy Couture! :biggrin:
  2. Allright I'll break this in. Because GL was so kind as to show us her lovely pictures of her charms chicks italian charms on her wrists and being the charm head that I am I had to purchase 4 of them! :yahoo: I got the Vegas one, 60's, dog lover and playboy bunny one. I would never have know about these if it wasn't for her :hugs:
  3. a pandora store opened at my local mall and i was wondering about them. some of you collect them. are they really insanely expensive? like what would it cost to create a bracelet in sterling sliver?
  4. If you google Pandora bracelets you can find a bracelet builder when you can try the charms on a bracelet on the internet and then see how much it would cost with the charms you want. They are cheaper in America than in England as well so thats not bad. The bracelets are $50 and the charms start at $25 but the prices are going up in March so if you want any buy them now!
  5. This was meant for the Juicy Charm Thread but I feel like it will be considered OT

    Re; Pandora I feel in love with a photo I saw in a British Magazine of a bracelet so I went to the site to check them out, unfortunately I cannot wear any SS ones. I want to ask people opinions because I'm a bit confused everyone here (JC Charm thread) myself included watch the prices of JC charms and nearly all of us do not spend over $50 a charm unless its a HG charm -Would that be a fair statement ?
    SO are you willing to spend $300 plus on a tiny gold Pandora bead. I guess for me personally it does not make sense, my jeweler can make me anything quite cheap and I usually bring him the scrap gold to make it with. So when I think of what he could make in regards to a solid gold charm for approx $300 plus and then I think of that tiny bead I just could never buy a real gold Pandora bead - that is just me I mean nothing bad by it.
    HOWEVER if I win the lotto well that will be a different matter or if a tall dark handsome stranger wants to hand me a gold bead Pandora bracelet and walk away (I have a lovely fiancé) that's fine too :graucho
    Am I only the only one to think like that ? For the poster and sorry I cannot remember who said they had a gold Pandora bracelet, you are very lucky to be able to own one - I'd love to see it.
  6. So where are the pictures ???? :biggrin:
  7. I haven't gotten it yet. Those gold Pandora ones are too expensive but gold in general is super high right now so I don't know. That's great that you have a jeweler that can make you some less expensive.
  8. oh no i couldn't spend $300 on a bead. gold or otherwise.
    i may try that online thing where i can design one and see the price. maybe i'll get a bead like here and there and even if it takes years, i can just do it when i have extra cash.
  9. He's an old school jeweler originally from Russia and I've know him since I was in my late teens when I would buy something gold and then sell it when I did not like it anymore, I grew out of that and now I unfortunately want to keep everything I own - soon I'll be on the show hoarders :nuts:
    He made my solid gold bangle that I think is very pretty and it weighs 22 grams, he made it from scrap and it was mainly rose gold I had - I never take it off. As it was a fairly easy design back in 1994 it only cost me $80 to have made with my scrap gold
  10. I love those type of jewlers. Your bracelet sounds really nice.
  11. wow! he sounds amazing...i wish i could find somebody like him. i got my mums engagment ring and mine old one (from the X) and would love to have a pendant made...
  12. re: i posted this @ the charm forum.. but i will repost this here as i am unsure which one this can go under....

    wow... ive been gone for quite!!! lol!! everyone managed to pass the 5k post.... pretty sweet... ive been so busy, and keeping in touch with one tpf'er in specific! but i need to catch up.. BAD!!! i got some charms for x-mas, so ill post pics when i have some time...

    gll,tup,lv,doll,flawsie,debbieann,alemia,katierose,coachaddict,puka,purseluvnmama, and notoriousliz... and any and all new members, i hope all is well with everyone!! i missed being on here!! but im glad to be back and play catch up...

    im not crazy at all about the recent releases... i completely agree that for the price, alot more detail should be added. the older charms are sooo wow compared to some of these new releases... im looking forward for laptop,jack in the box, new cake, rose bouquet, and of course, that skillet... i think my money is safe until those new releases... although ive not been in a position to buy stuff right now.. but hopefully things get back....

    im so confused with all thats going on, but i hope we can resolve this... everyone in here is so nice, and helpful and very honest people.. all walks of life, all parts of the world.. but yet... something so small can unite us together!!
  13. I looked at those Pandora bracelets, but they're not my type. Ditto for those Italian charm bracelets.

    I guess I like the figural charms, like the Juicy or the other more traditional sterling & 14K gold charms.
  14. I haven't bought any but I also like the Links of London charms but they are sooo expensive. The SA tells me that they are made in England and of a finer silver. They have a really cute lips charm that GL would love. I haven't bought any just something that I'm looking at at the moment.

    Katierose I also like the traditional gold charm bracelets but unfortunately I don't own any. QVC had one a few years ago that came full of charms that was maybe 600.00 that at the time I wanted. In hindsight I should of picked it up with the price of gold that it is today that bracelet is probably tripple the price.
  15. I've already pre paid for the locket charm which it seems a few people do not like, personally from the photo I love it. I got 20 percent off and $5 shipping to Canada - you cannot beat that.They do not have it in yet and said they will not until the end of next week although someone reported seeing it at a big department store.
    As for all this drama, I'm not going to watch what I say and worry that 2 or 3 sentences maybe off topic I'm just staying here. Its a shame because all those nice regular posters WERE on topic 90 percent of the time