Official Juicy Couture Chat Thread

  1. This one we can talk about anything as far as I know. The other one is for charms only.
  2. Are there any discount codes posted on twitter or facebook?
  3. The only one I saw Alaska was the sale on charms. On sale items it's buy one and get the second 50% off. But they will honor that for anyone. And I also heard about if you spend $150 @ Juicy they will give you 25% off your entire purchase. But you have to have a coupon for that.
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    Sweetwon I actually have not seen the watering can although it sounds cute, it could go well with the basket of cut flowers I've seen on eBay (daisies I think)

    Is the laptop charm a protocol, fake or real charm
    I'm a bit confused and I know there has been prior talk about this. For example eBay seller Tomiracle ( ) who sells the Tiger charm & others - are these fakes ? Its just that I've seen JC fakes and the ones Tomiracle sells appear to be good quality like original JC charms not like the regualr fakes which are copies of current charms and crappy quaility and Tomiracle does not seem to sell copies of current charms (did I make sense ?). Unless I'm completely uneducated in manufacturing costs, I just cannot understand with these charms selling below $100 and even below $50 why charms like Tomiracle sells, would be fake. There just seems to be to much quality in them (looking at pictures) and not enough volume or re-sale value to justify counterfeiting charms that are not out on the market ??

    Tupcake; I'm going to regret typing this because its an idea I wanted to keep to myself personally but I'll share it as at least my idea will be memorialized here (lol). In memory of my best friend I'm going to get a white tattoo of her finger print on the top of my arm, like she is always touching me. I'm going for my white ink tester first and then 2 or 3 months later I’ll know what colour it will turn if any (white, off white, yellow, grey etc) white Ink is temperamental and I’ve being doing research for months now on it. My only concern with the finger print is over the years the ridges of the finger print will bleed together. I've never had a tattoo and probably never would if she had not pased away

    I'm new too but without getting into what happened I can say that the general consensus (and someone can tell me if I'm wrong) was we were ON topic over at the charm thread most of the time but because of the drama we have come here now to talk about charms. Now no one can say we are off topic if we ask how your day was, etc. Its so silly but I certainly will not go back and forth, if you read my post in the charm thread you can see what I saw getting at - it made no sense to me we are all human and things get mixed in as we talk.
  5. Sunbuzz- I agree!
  6. I guess this one is for both charms and anything Juicy related (or not), but the other thread is only for charms?
    I dunno. In that case, it makes more sense to stick to this thread since we can talk about both here like we used to on the old threads.
  7. What do people think of this one, it looks old(er) but the box is brown so I guess not, I cannot figure out if the stones are different colours or not. Is it ok to post the photo like I did - I put a note in the photo twice but I do not want to get into trouble ?

  8. Sunnbuzz, sometimes the crystals look a little different, depending on how the light shines on them. Maybe write and ask the seller if all the crystals are there and if they are original...

    Re: the two threads.
    The only problem I see, is that usually chat threads evolve into "Guess what movie I saw last night" or "Good Morning everyone, what are you doing today" type posts.

    Now this is fine for chat threads and those participating in them, but I'm mostly interested in the Juicy Couture charm discussion. So I suggest we keep the charm photos & charm discussion on the original thread below, and anything else here on this thread.

    Maybe if someone forgets and posts a non-JC charm question on the charm thread (I'm guilty of this too) we can just say we'll answer their Q here on the chat thread? That way the discussion won't go on & on until we get reprimanded again. What do you think?
  9. Hmm. I'm so confused now! (I admit I'm easily confused, though! :biggrin:)

    Should we all just stick to this thread now and let the "Charm III" thread die?


    I got a really cool jewelry display stand at Marshalls a few days ago that I have decorated with some of my charms. I'm tempted to try to find a second one, too! I'll try to get pics up later today.
  10. Sunbuzz- I love those charms. I have both of them. They are pretty old. I'm not sure of the year that they were released but I know it was before 2007.

    Katierose- I agree with you. I think we should continue Charm Talk on the Part III thread. All non-Juicy info should be here. I like the idea you came up with as far as a non-Juicy question. We should answer it here and maybe link the person to it here.

    Purseluvnmama- I definitely don't want the Part III to die. I think that we should what the MODs said to do. All non-Juicy stuff/ Juicy stuff can go hear. But all things charm related should go on the original thread. The information that we list is invaluable and eventually this will become congested with stuff we really won't care to read once more people find out about this.
  11. The addition of a chat thread seems to mess with people's minds. lol

    This thread is what it says: "chat" The chat can be anything of Juicy. Clothes, accessories.

    Part III is for charms.
  12. There are regulars that will not go back to that thread because of what happened, I will not either but that is no big deal to anyone as I have no Juicy charm knowledge LOL. I'm staying here and staying on topic in regards to charms (mostly JC) and if someone mentions something OT I have nothing to worry about.
    As you mentioned we are all guilty of it but for example; you showed your beautiful lamp work bracelet, GLL her lovely gold charms, someone mentioned owls and I posted my owl charm and another talked about Pandora - it would be such a shame to lose out on all that interesting stuff because on the Juicy Charm thread it IS considered OT and we would not be able to talk about it.
    I don't think anyone here will just post a random off topic comment. Just my 2 cents

    You are so lucky the mannequin, it is to die for and if I was a serious collector or just had money (lol) I would buy it because I think $125 is reasonable.
  13. never seen the pink mannequin before,only the black one...ah, to be rich and draped in JC
  14. I've seen the mannequin in black, pink & blue, all are a little different I think. I like the pink one the best.

    I also like the hand, but there's tons of fakes, so I haven't tried to get it off eBay yet.
    It's kinda weird, but since I make jewelry it represents a hobby that I love. I was lucky enough to get the neck form a while back.