Official Juicy Couture Chat Thread

  1. it is a cute charm sunnbuzz,unluckily in oz we don't get to see then IRL so sometimes i might miss on some or found myself stuck with one that it isn't as cute as i thought!
  2. None of my charms were seen before I bought them and I only have four, 3 on their way. I'm in Toronto, Canada the first time I saw one IRL was in November when they just started selling them in a big department store but they are so behind they did not get any Xmas charms in plus they are expensive in Canada. Thankfully I saw them before I bought my first one because they looked way, way, bigger than I expected. I saw the T-Pee and Spider and thought they were way too big for me so bearing that in mind I buy the smaller ones I like. I hope this flower heart coming in the mail is not huge its my valentine present from my fiance. I wanted that love letter charm I posted so bad put someone from your neck of the woods beat me with what I am sure was snipper software on eBay - I was VERY upset

    To be clear the item I'm getting from the same seller as you is not a charm but does have charms (curious ? me too !):biggrin:

    If I like the locket the hanging basket will be next it looks so pretty.
  3. ^^
    that hanging flowerpot is cute!
    OK, i am very,very curious! you'll have to post as soon as you get it!

  4. The Links of London are cute, if a little plain. I've thought of getting my daughter a few of those charms as gifts. She likes the Brighton jewelry which is a little less flashy than Juicy, and I think she would like the LoL charms. The Brighton charms are more similar to the Pandora stuff, an SA told me they're made by the same company.

    The only other charms I would like to get into are the Jay Strongwater charms. I love those but they're not as "charming" as the JC charms IMHO. So I'd probably only get a few of my favorites.
  5. Katierose,I forgot about Jay Strongwater. I love his figuerines though I haven't purchased any and his charms haven't appealed to me yet but that could change. As for Brighton my mom and sister are heavily into anything Brighton which stops me from buying anything Brighton for myself.I like to do things differently from them plus there's something about their designs that bothers me that I can't quite put my finger on,lol.
  6. I was just thinking about starting a Pandora bracelet, but I am afraid to start a new obsession. I would have to to silver, because the price of the gold charms is insane, to me at least! I just don't know if I could handle another collection at the moment.

    OMG, hubby and I went to Monster Trucks last night in Deeetroit and it took forever to get there and home. Nick Jonas was performing at the FOX Theatre and there were tons of little girls everywhere! But I did see one with a Juicy bracelet with charms! First time I have EVER seen anyone in person with charms! So, it was exciting for me!

    I think I need to go eat a cupcake for breakfast, it is my anniversary and all!
  7. ^^Umm, cupcakes! Happy Anniversary.
  8. I love cupcakes and happy anniversary Tup! Sometimes I have to scrape off the frosting though lol. That's cool that you saw a Juicy bracelet at Monster Trucks last night. I was at an Easy Riders show last weekend and saw alot of tattoos but no Juicy charms,lol.
  9. I'm reading through the posts in here and it seems like they are consistent with staying on topic with Juicy charms. I don't get the purpose of this sticky. I mean you ladies are having beautiful conversation that can be invaluable to some collectors. Its a shame that these comments and opinions aren't on the new thread.
  10. Happy Anniversary Tup!

    I know what you mean, I haven't seen anyone wearing a Juicy charm bracelet in a LONG time. I don't really even see people wearing them on necklaces, yet a lot of the chamrs I want seem to sell out fast around here.
    I do see more people wearing just the plain starter bracelet than anything.
  11. Thanks guys! I was entertained. I didnt wear any of my charms last night, I forgot as I was rushing out.

    Ha, I would fit right in anywhere with people with lots of tattoos... I have 10! I have to do a few cover-ups which now I am hoping to get done, now that I am not preggers. I plan on getting cupcakes for each of my girls, and was actually contemplating getting a charm bracelet tattoo around my wrist, with said cupcakes attached. I know everyone has mixed feelings about tats, so if you're not into it, I could understand. I've been thinking about it for a while... hoping maybe it's something I could do. I have a huge back peicefor hubby an my daughter's inital, but nada for the new baby and am feeling the itch!

    Methinks I will wear my Lilac Engagement charm today! And cupcakes for breakfast is defininetly yummy!
  12. happy anniversary tup! 10 tattoos! wow! i want to get my kids DOB and names but cannot think of where (back is already used) and how to get a lovely design...
    oh well flawsie, we got this space...and the newbies can join us at any time to chat or just to ask questions...
  13. Tup ~ I actually had a cupcake for breakfast yesterday! My mom and I made red velvet cupcakes the other day and I had to have one as soon as I got out of bed.

    All this talk about other charm bracelets is making me want to start another italian charm bracelet. I can't really afford any Juicy charms right now, so those would be perfect. There is an antique store around here that for some strange reason has italian charms, hmm....don't know if they are antiques yet, but whatever.

    Sunnbuzz ~ I am really starting to like the flower basket. it would be cute with the watering can!

    Here are some charms I recently got. I didn't know where to post them, and I figured I couldn't go wrong with posting them here so....

  14. love them! now you can think of me and dragonette when you look at this two! :smile:
  15. So I'm a little confused about the difference between this chat thread and the thread we used to all use. This forum is the first for me so I still don't get a lot of the rules. Is it here we talk about all of our charm hauls and finds and strictly charms or is other thread is where we can chit-chat?