Official Coach Spring/Summer 2017 Thread

  1. Do you mean the suede lining is pink or even the canvas inside the zip compartment is pink? Cause that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It is a KEEPER! And, yes...awesome.

    The suede in outer pockets is a beautiful shade of pink. The inside canvas is a soft blush pink. It is TDF. Really. There is a neon pink 1941 wallet they just started selling that matches the pink flowers perfectly.

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  3. I have one on hold for tomorrow night and I'm thinking about the wallet too. We might be bag twinsies
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  4. I went to the store to look at the Rogue Totes again, but fell in love with the Gary Baseman Gotham Tote with the Wild Lily print!! It has the most awesome rough suede on the bottom section, and the body of it is pebbled and thick. It has nice pockets on the inside (1 zipper, 2 slip) as well! I'm kind of in love.

  5. Ooh that tote looks nice! I was just looking at the website and I am really liking the Gotham Tote design in general.
  6. My SA was saying that generally, the men in our city don't tend to buy totes (usually just backpacks and briefcases), so the Gotham totes have pretty much all been going to women!
  7. Ah, well I am in NYC, there are a lot of men here who would snag one of those totes.
  8. :heart:

    It's funny because I went to my store to look at the Rogue Tote on Thursday. It's practically the same size as the Gotham Tote (it's about an inch shorter), but the Rogue Tote just looks SO feminine on me. The straps are thinner and the hardware is a little purse-y.

    I'm deciding between the Gnarly and Western print Gotham Totes. I have the rocketship from last season. It's so lightweight. It does slide off my shoulder when I wear, so I wish the handles were a smidget thinner. But it looks brand new after almost 9 months of wear (I tend to rotate my bags, though), and I'd love another. To be honest, I'll probably get both. No self control here, hah!
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  9. NYC men know where it's at. :biggrin:

    Glad to hear that these wear well! Although I can't imagine them NOT doing so because of how thick and rugged they feel. Love the craftsmanship on them.

    Please post pics when you make your purchase(s) :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I haven't seen the Western print at my store.
  10. OMG, I saw this too & loved the print. I actually saw it online first at Bloomies. Thought for sure it was a dept store exclusive. Are you going to get it?
  11. I'm still really torn as to what to get.

    I love the black Linked Rogue Tote, but I have too many black bags. I love this Wild Lily print tote, but is it too loud for daily use? (I'm the type of person that doesn't even own patterned clothing!!) Then there's the plain Rogue Totes... But I also want a Dinky 24, which is on the other end of the spectrum (but also the type/size of bag that I am missing in my collection). FWP, seriously.
  12. Well that Wild Lily print seems faintly macabre, so... :biggrin:
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  13. As my SA said today when I told her I was on the fence about the tote..."go with your gut". She's so right...I've purchased many a bag on impulse only to end up selling it on eBay a year or so later. I think the pattern is very cool but I totally hear you. Its too much $ to spend if you have any doubts. I can only speak for myself but I find it ironic that I will spend $1k on three items that I may have 2nd thoughts on but always talk myself out of spending that on just one bag I know I'll love. The mind is a funny thing!
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  14. It's a very cool tote!
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  15. +1
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