Official Coach Spring/Summer 2017 Thread

  1. Hey, Coachies!

    So the Runway show will walk this Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern Time. As always, Coach will livestream the show on its website. There was a sneak peek at one of the bags on Instagram today. Looks like a Western and embellishment theme will carry over to this collection.


    Someone posted some drilldown pictures in another thread of some Saddel Bags, Rogues, and Rogue Satchels that share a lot of the bag details in Coach's Pre-Spring (Resort) 2017 Collection. I'm pretty sure these will be the Shop the Runway bags that will be available on Coach's website at 8 am on Wednesday.
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  2. More sneak peeks!



  3. VOGUE Taiwan has some backstage pictures:

    LOVE this Dinky. Check out the hangtag!!!

    Looks like the Coach Feathers are back.


    Crazy details on this Dinky.
  4. LOVE LOVE the Leather Club bottlecap hangtag! It looks like it's part of the Dinky bags from the picture. I can't wait to see the whole bag.
  5. Studded loafers:
    Fringe, embellished Dinky:
    The Runway:
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  6. That fringe dinky is :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. Oh, that was much fun to watch!!!
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  8. Edgy rockabilly meets 90's grunge meets heroin chic! So.much.fringe. Those loafers and boots would stop me from sitting on my foot. :smile:
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  9. Definitely some punk/grunge elements. Lots of fringe.
  10. I'm old but I loved those boots.....oh to be younger!!
  11. LOL

    I'm glad Vevers took more of a risk with this collection. However, most of it doesn't appeal to me. I'm hopeful to see the pieces after they tweek them for mass production!
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  12. Did y'all notice that every bag was small?
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  13. Yes, I did. I like a couple of bags. One of the bags is very boxy. I don't remember the color but I think it was in three different colors. Also, I liked two dresses. One of them was green with orange flowers and another one was black with pale pink flowers on top. The shoes looked good on models but I don't see myself wearing it.
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  14. I did. Some seemed really small--maybe smaller than the dinky. Too small for me!
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  15. That was exactly what I was thinking as I was watching it. I kept waiting for them to bring out the larger bags but model after model carried what seemed to me a tiny bag.
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