Official Coach Spring/Summer 2017 Thread

  1. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy your new beauties. :smile:

    Congrats! This bag is gorgeous. Love the details. Enjoy.

    I really like this bag. I think I want one with the pink lining. :graucho:
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  2. I was in my store today to check out the drifter sizes (my next bag is going to have to be the smaller drifter. The size and shape are just perfect - I'm so mad I missed the half-off sale on the purple, but they're sold out.) The SA showed me the new blue bag she had in for a colour sample (the rest of the bags we're getting in the Lapis colour aren't in yet) - it is to. die. for. The bag she had was an itty bitty swagger, and the blue is nothing at all like the way it looks on the Bay website. It's a mid-range blue, yes, but it's softer than the vibrant blue in the picture, almost a grey undertone, and it shades in perfectly with my burgundy wallet (and my Roots tote). It's so pretty, guys. I want everything in that colour.
  3. Did you take a picture?
  4. I didn't think to until after I'd left - I'm sorry! I'm also sorry for the eye-burning number of parenthetical exclamations, above. Teach me to post while on the run.
    They're supposed to email me when the blue bags come in, which should be closer to the end of the month. I'll take some photos then.

    Looking at the UK site, the top picture of the wallet is much closer to the colour I saw than the photo of the lining - but in the store lighting the blue looked a little softer than that / a little less yellow again.
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  5. Server burp - double post.
  6. That's ok, I was just curious! I will look at the wallet on the UK site.
  7. That lapis color is really pretty!
  8. I am in the uk and can only ever see the uk site whatever llnk i follow -how can i view the us site please?
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  10. You're most welcome!
  11. The Bay's got the Swagger 21 that I saw at the Coach store, in Lapis, and a Mercer 24 in the same colour. I guess it's a slow roll-out? Is this a colour only showing up in non-US locations? I didn't see anything in this shade on the Coach website.

    (Also, I'm killing myself laughing at the price that's been mis-entered for the Mercer. The Bay's website is the worst.)

    lapis bags.png
  12. Oh man. I've seen some weird technical glitches on the Bay's website, but never a price error like this! Awesome.
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  13. I knew Coach was going higher-end, but never expected them to go that far!
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  14. Does anyone have any information on this little orange floral coin purse? I tried looking it up on the Coach site but no avail.

    Picture taken from the a Coach instagram:
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