Official Coach Spring 2019 Thread

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  1. I hate those tiny, thin little straps! This color is really pretty!
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  2. I really like this bag!
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  3. It's certainly different. I love the color!
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  4. Same/similar dimensions as the Dreamer.
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  5. Found these on Pinterest. None of them are really my cup of tea at all. Most way overdone. Thankfully, we've come to learn that there are also more simplistic designs available that we aren't seeing on the runway. At least that's what I'm hoping.
    Screenshot_20190113-084146_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-084004_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-083917_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-083705_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-083623_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-083458_Pinterest.jpg Screenshot_20190113-083347_Pinterest.jpg
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  6. I would have to see IRL, IMO they look like what the counterfeiters do when they throw scraps together to make a bag.
    I am sure they are nicer in person.
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  7. The last one has potential, plain in an amazing shade of green with a back pocket. Could be a good weekend crossbody. Still wouldn't make the top of my list though...
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  8. LOL, I agree but that's a lot of modifications!
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  9. I feel like we're going back to the 2000's.
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  10. I was thinking along the same lines when I saw these-looks like Coach wants to use up all their scraps..... :smile:
    Luckily I don't like any of these, I bought too many bags in the last few months already, now it's time to stop buying!
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  11. I’m really liking the new Drew satchel, I saw them in the store and thought they look pretty. I’m digging the black, white/snake and pink. I will wait for a sale and maybe I’ll pick one up. I just hope it’s not too heavy when it’s filled up.
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  12. I really hate the patchwork stripes. I don't mind the patchwork on the kisslock bags but they aren't something I would buy.
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  13. I don't like patchwork on any bags. It reminds of using scraps to save $. Some of those would be nice if in one color glovetanned leather.
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  14. I agree with you about the straps, though. Too thin, I think.
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  15. Well, now we know what Coach does with their leftover fabric and leather pieces. :shocked: