Official Coach Spring 2019 Thread

  1. This stuff launches end of Jan. for Feb. floorset and end of Feb. for March floorset, per my local store manager.
  2. OMG, I had a sweater like the one on the left 30-some years ago.

    And even at the height (see what I did there?) of the miniskirt phase 50 years ago I never wore anything as short as the one on the right, and back then we at least wore tights or textured pantyhose underneath. I guess you're supposed to keep your bag in your lap when you sit down. Or get on a bus. Or walk. They need to include a sporran with that.

    OK, Old-Lady Rant Over... :biggrin:
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  3. Worse is the photoshopping job they did on her leg, which I just noticed after your comment about her skirt! Do we really have to artificially "enhance" women's bodies, Coach?
  4. I can't tell. Do you think they made her leg skinnier? I think they look like they could be like that. Her arms are really skinny. When I was young, my legs looked like that. I hated having that hole in the middle.
  5. Omg! It looks like a ratty dust rag. :lol:
  6. It kinda looks like it because she's got a sway / bow in her thigh. :whut:
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  7. Glovetan Frame Bag - $595
    Style #68136
    Colors - Black, Oxblood
  8. And some gunmetal hardware pls???!
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  9. Haha! Yes. I normally don't mind gold/brass hardware but lately I find myself looking for something with gunmetal.
  10. I don't need these colors either! I think they made enough bags in Oxblood! Why couldn't they make them in actual Spring season colors to release in spring?
  11. I totally agree.
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  12. I'd love that bag in a daffodil yellow or a nice leafy green!
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  13. You know I'm looking for green!
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  14. Exactly! This style would look great in Easter egg colors.