Official Coach Spring 2019 Thread

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  1. Coach reveals the Spring 2019 Coach 1941 collection on Tuesday, September 11 at 2 PM Eastern Time.
    While Coach 1941, the runway collection, isn't all of the product that Coach will release next Spring, it certainly sets the mood for the Coach New York collection. Trends on the Coach 1941 runway will influence the bread-and-butter, core Coach offerings next year.

    The website currently teases light, playful images: swings in motion from a playground swing-set, clouds in a summer sky, a playground roundabout.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that the set will be a playground of sorts and the collection will likely explore American youth culture or more varsity.
  2. The show invitation features glittery florals (groundbreaking for spring).
    SS19 Invite.jpg
  3. "Groundbreaking for spring".

    I read that in Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly's voice. I do kind of like that pattern though!
  4. Stuart Vevers does love his florals! I'm so excited for tomorrow. I think I'll need a 2PM break at work tomorrow :biggrin:
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  5. love that clutch!! Sooo cute!! Can’t wait to see the collection.
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  6. That clutch is adorable, I like the print!
  7. Can't wait now. Anyone heard if they'll release anything from SS19 following the show?
  8. I had received an email about watching the runway and then being able to buy something from the runway show immediately after. I don't have the email with me so I can't quote it. I can't afford to buy anything real $$ right now so I pretty much ignored it. LOL
  9. The runway is a junkyard Dinosaur

  10. Shop the Runway is live. It includes new versions of the vintage Barrel Bag and new Disney x Coach featuring 101 Dalmations and Dumbo
    str1.JPG str2.JPG
  11. Cute but not for me...
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  12. Looks like they are 1941 pieces too.
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  13. I can pass that, too
  14. I liked that they stepped away from the over-the-top western vibes a bit.

    Funny bed head hairstyles.

    Not big into ruffles - I don't feel like ruffled clothes flatter my body type.

    Coach isn't the only brand I've seen come out with a Patagonia-style fleece - when did this become a high fashion trend haha?

    I looove that they're bringing in more versions of the kisslock bag. I love the original vintage, and I loved the Keith Haring iteration. Vintage ones aren't the easiest to find, and I loved the Keith Haring ones but I don't like to carry monogrammed bags. Really excited to see how these line up to the vintage style.

    I do wish Stuart V would come out with another iconic new bag shape. I love that he's paying homage to Coach origins but the Rogue is so great it would be nice to see what other originals he could design!

    Here's the link to the looks:
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