Official Coach Spring 2019 Thread

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  1. Hopefully a Coach employer is looking for feedback on tPF. I would like it in some Bright pastel colors as well.
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  2. Does anyone know the size of the kisslock bags?
  3. Yes! They look like an egg so pretty colors would be wonderful.
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  4. I just stumbled upon an “all over croc Courier!” No pics sadly. :sad:
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  5. Satchel size is 11.5 x 7.5 x 4.25
  6. That sounds like a great size.
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  7. There's another bag called kisslock saddle bag in smaller size that looks just like Lindy. I think the dimensions are same as the Lindy as well.
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  8. I really want to know what the size is for this bag[​IMG]
  9. Oh, I like that size but like everyone else I need a different color besides black or oxblood. Thanks for the info!
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  10. Me too!
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  11. That has to be long. The kisslock is almost 8" long and that charm falls below it. Looks like it's almost even to the bottom of this bag?
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  12. I'm guessing it to be 10" L X 12" H X 3" D.
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  13. I agree, at least 12" high. Do you like this bag? I actually love the charm on the bag.
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  14. I do but not sure how it's going to look on me. It's looks like it's hanging very low on a tall model and I'm very short. Also concerned about the thin spaghetti strap for a bag this size.
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  15. The model isn't wearing is crossbody so it would hang a little higher. Maybe the strap is adjustable.