Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. I think this is a Madison Juliette bag. I don't think it's outdated at all. It's very pretty! I like the color and pleating. Sell it if you feel like you don't really reach for it anymore.
  2. I've seen it before but not a lot.
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  3. At least I haven't been completely oblivious!
  4. IMG_0734.JPG
    IMG_0735.JPG Saw this bag (with bullseye on the creed) at N Rack -- look at the incorrect tag (eggplant nomad)!!! Yikes -- hope no one buys it at that price.
  5. do they just grab any Coach price tag they can find? I really doubt it will ever sell at that price.
  6. I bet someone bought the Nomad, switched the tag and returned the 10 year old bag with the switched ticket and receipt and kept the Nomad.
  7. I have a question, but I'm not quite sure if I'm in the right place. Here goes anyway...
    Last week I bought a beautiful(almost)vintage coach duffle bag from 1999 for a steal($25!!). It has a few superficial scratches near the bottom of the bag which are fine but there is one spot on the back that is faded that I'd like to fix.does anyone have any suggestions? 1485961050985.jpeg
  8. I also thought this was done by a clueless salesperson. Never occurred to me that it could be a switcheroo done by an unscrupulous buyer. Terrible if true.

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  9. We have a rehab club that has lots of tips.
    I would probably give it a bath and deep conditioning.
  10. wow, certainly probable.
  11. Well really only you can decide what your comfortable carrying, but around here it's more common to see older Coach vs new, and typically i prefer the older bags ... ;)
  12. Took all my willpower to walk out of Nordstrom Rack today without another new bag - they had both the Swagger in black patchwork pebble leather and the floral rivets mini Crosby in navy for half price. I was holding both for a long time, especially that mini Crosby, but let them go with much sadness.
  13. I got an email from Macy's today that included an ad for extra 25-30% off clearance bags. I was pretty surprised to see this Coach bag pictured. macys ad 2017.PNG
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