Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. I would try using some leather moisturizer on it (test a small spot). I feel like that usually does the trick for scuff removal on glovetanned leather. If they are "veiny" (sorry for the gross word) in appearance it is just the nature of the leather.
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  2. Thanks for your help.
    The leather is smooth...It`s definitely not the nature of the leather.
    It`s like scrapes from fingernails or something. And its a lot. The 2 long scrapes on the front are not showing in the photos and the back has at least 10 scrapes and dents. The hardware looks great though. I took the stuffing out and it had the wrapping that covers the strap so maybe this was a return or a store display. I am so disappointed. As soon as my son gets home I`m taking it to the UPS store to return it. I`m going to order another one and hope that I get a new one this time. :sad:
  3. O my...
    I just went to order another and it`s SOLD OUT!!!!
    I guess I`ll try the leather conditioner. What`s a good brand?
  4. Coach has a conditioner, Wilson's leather sells one.....actually anyplace that sells leather products, even shoes, will have one. I think they're all about the same.
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  5. I'm so sorry to hear that
    It's so disappointing to get a bag that is not perfect when you pay so much money for it.
    I use Apple Leather conditioner & order it from Amazon.
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  6. I tried the Apple conditioner but I think the scrapes are too deep to buff out. I'm so sad to have to return it. :sad:

    Thanks for your help guys.
  7. That's too bad. It's such a beautiful bag. I was considering getting one myself.
  8. That stinks!
  9. I've seen this in-store as well. Any sport calf bags I've ever seen have always had at least two major scuffs on the body of the bag, and keep in mind, this is brand new! I just think coach doesn't have a very good shipping department!
  10. Hey guys!

    Need help, can someone authenticate this bag?
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    In the future, please use the Authenticate This Coach thread in the Coach Shopping forum for authentication requests.

    We need to see the OTHER side of the price tag, the side with the factory codes.

    There should also be a small white fabric tag buried way down near the bottom of one of the inside pockets with 2 rows of numbers and letters. Pull the pocket inside out enough to be able to take a clear photo of the tag and the codes.

    And regardless of what you've heard or read, the YKK name stamped on the zippers can never be used to authenticate anything, so there's no need to try and photograph it. The zipper pull is actually more important than the zipper brand. The tags I mentioned and their codes are what we need to see.

    Authentication requests should also include where you bought or are buying the bag, so a link to the website or auction site is required if it's a recent purchase. The information we need for authentication requests is posted here:

    Thank you, and welcome to tPF!
  12. It's always a dilemma as to whether the seller should be contacted when i find this type of listing.

    Note that the keychain IS authentic. But the props, the box and the tag are fake. I understand how a fake box might be included with an authentic item because sometimes sellers buy boxes, tissue and other "props" to include with their items. However an authentic item (generally) wouldn't include a fake tag!

    Do others let sellers know when you see this type of error?
  13. I wouldn't normally. However, if it is a big seller like this that is less likely to take it personally, I might.
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  14. Coach's logo bags look nice, but I hope they don't get worn out everywhere like MK bags. In my opinion victoria secret bags are better than MK bags atleast. I find coach to be really nice today and their shoes are very comfortable. I should be getting some soon and I can wear them casually. I really want a pair of boots and they are on sale too!
  15. Hey guys! Just wondering your opinion on this bag it's few years old and I don't really carry coach anymore but I do still love the color and could see using it in the spring, anyway, do you think it's an outdated style and I should sell? Thanks!
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