Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. Holy smokes! Where did they find that?
  2. Very weird photo to use! Anyway, doesn't even appear that the extra discount applies to Coach items anyway!
  3. I have been using my Sand juliette here and there. IMO I don't think it looks outdated.
  4. It is nice that they added a Coach bag in the add so often they just don't.. But this is a much older bag and not one of the great ones it does seem outdated...
  5. It is very outdated! If someone were looking for that particular bag at Macy's, they would be disappointed. When I clicked on the link, there weren't any Coach bags in the sale.
  6. I need y'alls opinion.. A few years ago I found a willis is pretty good condition, minus the missing shoulder strap. I gave it to my mom, but now I have this poppy tote that's in immaculate condition..well I've caught the fever for classic coach again and she told me she wouldn't mind to trade. I like them both!!,what would you ladies do? Keep the poppy or get the strapless willis back?here's what the tote looks like IMG_20170222_153600.jpg TIA for you opinions!
  8. Personally I couldn't carry a Willis without the strap, so unless you found a strap you could use, I would keep the Poppy. The Poppy is very light weight, easy to carry, and holds a lot. I do like the look of the Willis better but even with a strap, it isn't as comfortable and lightweight as the Poppy.
  9. Thanks for your opinion! I was thinking the same thing.I like the willis,but without the strap it's just not practical for me
  10. *Peeks in* Could anyone who own the full-size Brooklyn compare it to the Mercer? They both have the triple compartment structure I want, but the Brooklyn is $150 more, and I'm curious to know if Coach fans think it's worth it. The only benefit I can see, upon cursory inspection, to my untrained eye, is the location of the zip pocket in the middle compartment on the Brooklyn.

  12. A major difference between these two bags is that the Brooklyn is leather lined but the Mercer is not. It has a fabric lining. This also accounts for the difference in price.
  13. So this might be random but the younkers were I live has about 7 coach bags left and clearances them all. The large area that used to display coaches is now bursting with more Calvin Klein than it can hold. I tried asking a busy saleswoman and she just said they are getting rid of them..... I'm wondering if it's just a local thing
  14. Not local. I am in the Midwest and several of the large department stores have done the same thing.
    Apparently Coach is pulling out of some department stores, mostly the ones that discount heavily.
  15. Did you try the Brooklyn on yet ? I ask because I did this weekend and it is VERY HEAVY !! I do not own either of these bags so I can not answer your question thoroughly .