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  1. Hi All,
    I was wondering if anyone knows if the button clasp on a Kristen can be repaired or replaced? Is there a kit you can get, or does it have to be sent in? TIA.
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  2. I believe you may have to send the bag into Coach. I would go in and talk to your store and ask them, perhaps you will just have to pay the $20 to have the bag shipped back to JAX.
  3. About 4 weeks ago I bought a black sig jacquard and leather wallet. I was so proud, I got it on clearance, plus an additional 40% off. While at the mall my daughter and I stopped into the Chocolate Factory, to get my nephew a treat. When we got home he wanted to see our "spoils of war." In the process, gasp, he got chocolate on my wallet. Needless to say we were in a rush and I didn't have time to immediately clean it off.

    The night before last, not thinking that she had not been cleaned, I swapped over into her. Yesterday, while at the mall again, my dd wanted to see if Coach had any new Park HD bags. Well I pulled out my wallet to pay for her clothes, realizing I could not go into Coach with it looking like that. The ever smart dd suggested using my Tide To Go on it, just to see. I know, always, always use caution.... But IT WORKED!!! With no fading, an the chocolate is gone, lesson learned. But in a pinch....
  4. That's what I kind of figured. Oh well, better $20.00 than a broken clasp.
  5. I was attracted to the color of this 1996 Worth Bag #4143...could be putty or khaki. Found her at Goodwill, marked down from $24.99 to $19.99. A little more than I like to pay, but in good overall condition (with a matching hangtag) except for a couple of ink spots and an area of color loss on the front. Before pics are here:

    There was a little verdi gris on the strap and around the buckles that I treated with a paste of baking soda and vinegar. I painted on the mixture and let it sit for 5 minutes or so and scrubbed with a toothbrush before the bath. Once she was soaking in a warm, sudsy Dawn bath, I used Tarni-shield on the buckles, ball chain and zipper pull. I like cleaning the brass as part of the bath, so I can get all the product off the leather more easily. Then the usual scrub, rinse and stuff.

    The zipper pull had lost some of its reinforcement, so I cut a little strip of thin chipboard (like the back of a pad of note paper), doubled it and gently bent it into a “U” shape. I carefully slid it into the loop of leather that attaches to the zipper pull and generously coated it with clear acrylic gloss enamel.

    For the color loss on the front I used a mixture of Folk Art Coffee Bean acrylic and Leather CPR... pretty near color match that filled in the color and hid the ink spot. I used Leather CPR 2x all over and finished with a light application of Blackrocks. I’ve had Blackrocks pick up acrylic in the past, so I went light. Buffed with a microfiber cloth and she’s back to soft and supple and good to go.

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  6. Great job - I really like this bag, especially the color. I would love to pick up one of them to rehab. It looks like it would be a good size bag to use for errand running.
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  7. Great job! Clever what you did to the zipper pull!
  8. I just received a New2Me Coach purse made from vachetta leather. The 1st thing I always do when I get an older bag is slather it in Apple Conditioner... I didn't even stop to think! Did I just ruin my *new* purse?? It hasn't dried yet but I'm so scared, lol! Can anyone tell me how I SHOULD take care of vachetta leather? TIA!
  9. Oh, & while im asking Newbie questions: any thoughts on how to remove marker from suede? Yeah, I know... I'm a mess :nuts:
  10. It depends on how deep the marker has seeped in. You can use the same techniques you would use to remove ink from leather, like alcohol. I haven't had much luck cleaning it off. However, with suede you can sand the surface, and if the marker hasn't soaked in, you might be able to gently sand it off.
  11. I think it will be okay as long as you put it everywhere. I've washed vachetta leather, and other than a little darkening of the edges, it comes out fine. The conditioner might actually protect it from staining. I've sprayed new vachetta leather with Shining Monkey to keep it looking new.
  12. Thank you for the quick response, Whatev! You alway give great advice :smile: So far, the one side looks good. I'll do the other side in the morn to make it uniform.

    Actually, I'm hopping the leather gets darker (is patina the correct term?) since it is currently a bit lighter than I'd hoped. Would really love it a few shades darker (honey-colored) so it looks more like a fall rather than summer bag. Is there a way to speed up that process without damaging the leather?
  13. Thanks...yeah this bag is a really nice size...and the leather is fairly lightweight. And I like having an outside pocket. I have one in black too.'s important to make sure how the "grain" runs on the chipboard. One direction it "rolls" easily...the other direction it will just crease and break. It's also important to remember to keep moving the zipper ring while the acrylic is drying so it doesn't get stuck in one place :smile:
  14. You're welcome! There are a bunch of discussions in the LV forum about developing patina on vachetta. I think the quickest way is to put it in the sun, but I don't know if the sun will work with the Apple on it. Did the Apple darken it?