Official Coach CHAT Thread!!!

  1. Hello to all coachies. I was at work today. On my lunch break I checked the forum if I can see post to check their outlets for additional 50% discount. Oh well I hope it will happen again in the near future. Still hoping.
  2. hello ladies!! SO i think I have seen it all!! I was at the flea market yesterday and i didn't even want to look at all the fake purses! lol.. but I did Happen to see and couldn't even believe that they EVEN have FAKE SHOES!!! they had the brown Katelyn ones and a few other flats.
    I was Disgusted, they actually looked authentic I was like OMG!! No WAY! and they had the nerve to want $60 for them!! ewww PEopLE now a days will do anything!
    I've seen It all!! i didn't even know they made those, did any of you ladies??
  3. I told you to apple it :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    just kidding.
  4. Donna, I wish my daughter was more into jeans-uggs-aeroportal-american eagle (hate abercrombie tho) type of girl. She just wants dresses, skirts, etc..... she has been dressing a little more casual lately as she's grown. I love it.

    You look awesome, maybe you should considering going blond. :graucho:
    I never dress up actually but I am having a hard time finding the right costume for my daughter. She is only 10 years old but she is a tall girl. All the ones we saw at the store were either too small or too slutty. WTF.
  5. Hey!! I worked 91/2 hrs today so tired ... tomorrow is my last day then I am on vacation till the 21st :yahoo::woohoo:My girls , yes I have 4 of them all between the ages of 4 -11 and they are on Fall Break so I will not totally be vacationing.... hopefully we will take a trip to my local Coach Store and I can get my Black Sabrina :yes: I have to try it on to see if I will like it IRL.

  6. HA! I DO apple it!! :roflmfao:

    I apple that thing up because my dog freaking scratches it all the time! I need the JUG o' Apple!
  7. I might go to the boutique tomorrow to check out the julianne.. I think I want it!

    I LOVE the sabrina (and I am keeping it of course!) but I really wish I could wear it cross body.. so if I like the julianne I may get one instead of another sabrina.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE tuesdays and thursdays! My kids are in mother's day out and I go shopping! :graucho:
  8. when i goto the halloween stores, i see middle school girls looking at the adult sexy women section(thats what its called even on the website) i am like wtf? my dad would be like h-e-double hockey sticks no, but some of their parents actually let them go try them on :wtf: :nogood: my mom wouldnt even have let me try it on lol but it just reminds me of clothes i find for sale in their section inappropriate for them to wear... but maybe im just an old fashioned 25 year old :nuts::p
  9. No, You are right! I will never let my little girls dress like that. I don't care if it's halloween or whatever.. no way!
  10. So... I didn't make it to the boutique today... but now I think I need a black bag ( see sig)

    I am definitely going tomorrow to check them all out!
  11. Oooh Taralindsey!!! I am also liking the black Julianne, I really want the black Sabrina but I will have to see them IRL first.... decisions :girlsigh:
  12. ITA ... I have seen that too while shopping with my daughters for their costumes I said the same thing "WTF" as they walk around with it on showing their parents it's like they are how old is your child :lecture:
  13. No you are not. Going shopping with my 10 year old daughter these days is a nightmare, we have to buy from the juniors section because she is a tall girl and we things you would never imagine :tdown:

    Have you tried adding a chain to the strap? I bet that would make the strap larger and you will be able to wear it with no prob :yes:
  14. Heading home today from college for fall break. I can't wait! However, I have to deliver some "not so pleasant" news.
  15. loveMandieLee, good luck with everything. I think I commented in your thread over in Relationships already, but sending :hugs: your way.