Official Bottega Veneta Spring 2020 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. The sandals look comfy, I would def wear them! And I do like the cassette bag! Otherwise, NOPE.
  2. Thank you for posting all these pictures Von1B2!
    I personally am in the minority here because I actually really love this collection.

    I am in love with the bags and sandals and the simplicity of the dresses.

    What turns me off Bottega Veneta lately is the over saturation of Instagram influencers being given the bags for free.
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  3. Thanks ladies for the pics. Nothing much for me here.
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  4. Hmmm, it looks like there are some Nuvolato inspired slides/shoes in about 10 colors. Do you know if these are part of the collection?
  5. Thank you V0N1B2 and OneMoreDay for taking the time to post these pictures. The purseblog story on the new Fendi bags also shows woven bags which remind me of the original BV weave.
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  6. Resee pics. Credit to Choi Boyun IG.
    choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgG_J4du.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgG_pWK-.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHAJU90.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHApzg7.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHBJSP6.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHBpJ67.jpg choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHCJfWV.jpg
    This one makes my heart skip a little.
    choi.boyun - B2ywgJhJGoa_B2ywgHBJhX9.jpg
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  7. More resee. Credit to cherrieyenyenhu IG.
    cherrieyenyenhu - B2ucs3QnUNE_B2ucs1VHXXq.jpg cherrieyenyenhu - B2ucs3QnUNE_B2ucs1VnNBH.jpg cherrieyenyenhu - B2udKTQnEOD_B2udKRRHFaL.jpg cherrieyenyenhu - B2udKTQnEOD_B2udKRSHPQc.jpg cherrieyenyenhu - B2udKTQnEOD_B2udKRSnS_n.jpg Closer look at this darling shade of blue.
    cherrieyenyenhu - B2udKTQnEOD_B2udKRSHQvq.jpg
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  8. Resee pics. Credit to onestepback IG.
    onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI7p5AQ.jpg onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI7J_Hj.jpg onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI7JU2G.jpg onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI6pptR.jpg onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI6Jfav.jpg onestepback - B2pnELxpikh_B2pnEI5py06.jpg
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  9. When are these items available in the boutique? I love so many of the pieces.
  10. I can't even imagine buying those RTWs. They looked like rejects from project runway :rolleyes: The last SS RTWs had embellishments, color blocking, exotic accents, pallets, beautiful patterns and handpieced clothing. These ones are just horrible even the way they were styled. I felt like the designer ran out of ideas :lol:
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  11. 1) I really did like the ginormous hobo and would consider buying it in a more wearable size, but then again, the Veneta is one of my favorite bags of all time. Same goes for the Belly Veneta-esque bags. I will probably buy the knotted hobo from prefall in every color, but I just find it über lazy to rehash already existing pieces for a runway (and I do not mean the archival inspiration).

    2) SS20’s sandals are better than the current ones because they don’t look like maxi pads and will not have everyone wondering why they even liked them in a couple of seasons. I do like the maxi pads though because they remind me so much of the 90’s.

    3) I was gifted two 33 Arcos (not an influencer, or anything) that I have not yet gotten to like, but at least I do not hate them. I think the ones from SS20 are just plain sloppy and again, lazy. I did love the green tone.

    4) Those chain Pouches look like a big animal’s anus because of the position they lie in with the chain. Once again, super lazy. And I do love the Pouch, minus its overexposure.

    5) The RTW is just some ugly, old and probably, musty smelling Céline RTW.
  12. Loving this piece.
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  13. My SA texted me this morning to let me know that this clutch is made of natural stone. (No other details yet)
    I am feeling frugal these days so I decided to circumvent what is sure to be a costly new design. Here it is in its raw state....among other BV’s.
    And here I’m practicing carrying it. Luckily, I already have New Fume espadrilles that go so well with it.....
  14. This ginormous hobo will be called the Jodie (after Jodie Foster) and will be available in three smaller sizes. That could be great.

    I also learned that there will a be hobo created with the Cabat workmanship. Based on the images I received it looks like a cross between the baseball and the belly.
  15. I got that too! There's a lot of plus side to this bag. It takes the idea of a bag as a weapon to a real level. (Before we joked the Knots could serve as one, but now we are offered the real thing). Also, I have a stone butter dish--just a flat piece of stone with a groove etched in to hold a knife. This DL clutch could double as a travel butter dish which I am learning no person should do without. I wonder if you can put it in an oven and warm a slice of pizza on it.