Official Bottega Veneta Spring 2020 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. It’s nice to have change. I’m not familiar with the new designer Daniel Lee, but from looking at his collection for BV for the last past seasons, his designs are very modern. He is a RTW designer from what I read so I’m not sure if he is designing the leather goods as well. I agree with many of you ladies with the leather goods that it’s a little so so. The giant intrecciato totes just looks hard to carry. I wish the designs to look less modern because it’s loosing the artisanal quality of the leather bags particularly the Intrecciato. Bottega Veneta is a classic Italian heritage brand and I feel that making the brand more modern and edgy contradicts the romantic/classic style of Italian design
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  2. The Jodie hobo. Credit to Tine Andrea IG. Loving the colour, but not a fan of this size. I'm interested in seeing the smaller sizes that'll be coming though.
    tineandreaa - B2w9nUHIKIX_B2w9nMyoQEL.jpg tineandreaa - B2w9nUHIKIX_B2w9nMwoW_t.jpg
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  3. I distinctly remember Daniel Lee stating he wanted to focus less on the leather goods when he took the reins, which was a really odd thing to do considering the strength of BV's identity as a luxury leather goods brand. I mean, the irony is, New Bottega is more well known for its leather goods under his creative direction than his RTW, so I guess that idea went out the window pretty early on.
    I do agree, Lee needs to find a better balance between his modern aesthetic and the artisanal heritage of BV.
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  4. Here's the Jodie in the Small size (credit to The Nuova Concierge). Teeny tiny!
    thenuova.concierge - B2_djOrpAyl.jpg
    The next size up is the Medium and then the Maxi from the show.
  5. Ohhhh, those are great news! Why “Jodie”, though? I mean, I do love her as a fellow scorpio, but why? I just asked my SA about these bags a couple of days ago and told me she had no clue about anything, except the estimated release date.

    I am dying to see the Cabat hobo! Not feeling the new version of the original Cabat.
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  7. Yeah I posted a pic of one from 2000 in post# 30 in this thread.
    Interestingly, it was when then-designer Giles Deacon abandoned the “when your own initials are enough” motto and began putting logos and initials on the bags.
    In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the collection in 2000 and Daniel Lee’s work, including leather shorts, a maxi Intrecciato pattern, and the cut of some of the shoes.
    Let’s hope this time it doesn’t lead to near-bankruptcy :whistle:
    C257A2DD-56FA-470B-A911-A37A86F94509.jpeg AD3BC2B7-C246-476C-9B79-B852DEA18A88.jpeg
  8. I hate those shoes but I'd buy the scarf if it was reissued :biggrin:

    One (that was originally my mother's) must be at least 1970s and the other 1990s.
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  9. Yes. Or, you could tote your baby or even toddler around in this....:amazed:
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  10. these are super cute and i love the colors...
  11. i bet it's large enough to accommodate whole Jodie Foster, and that could be a reason how it's got this name...
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  12. OMG I'm SCREAMING inside. I'm so so so done with this.
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  13. I think the sandals look comfortable. And I like the clean lines of the cassette bag. But the Instagram overexposure is what killed the new Dior bags to me and this is what is happening with BV now. Hate feeling like I’m buying smthing not because I like it but because I was “influenced”

    A few photos

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  14. I need these:heart:
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