Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Our verdict on the Bottega Veneta reboot
    British designer Daniel Lee’s first collection for Milanese label Bottega Veneta has put the brand firmly back on the fashion map.

    Thursday 13 December 2018

    Much like the Queen’s annus horribilis of 1997 and the banking industry’s collective breakdown in 2008, 2018 will be remembered as one of the most turbulent in the history of menswear.

    The seasonal men’s show system underwent seismic changes, with many brands choosing to put on co-ed presentations during the women’s weeks instead; dad trainers took over the world (with sales of suits dropping in tandem); and the perpetual game of creative director musical chairs at the most important fashion brands shifted up a gear from “sugar-fuelled children’s party” to “Funny Games on crack”.

    From Haider Ackermann’s unexpected dismissal from Berluti to Virgil Abloh’s surprise arrival at Louis Vuitton, feathers flew and fur was ruffled. One of the most unforeseen events was German designer Tomas Maier’s departure from stealth-luxe Milanese brand Bottega Veneta, following 17 years at the helm. Famed for his obsessive attention to detail and a didactic approach to design, Maier transformed Bottega Veneta from ailing bit-part player into fully fledged luxury behemoth.

    Balenciaga and, most recently, Celine (prior to the arrival of Hedi Slimane), where he was design director of womenswear, Lee – a relative unknown outside of the industry – seemed a surprising choice to replace one of fashion biggest beasts.

    Yesterday in Milan, Lee unveiled his first collection for the brand he now helms and proved that he was, perhaps, the right one.

    What’s most impressive about Lee’s inaugural offering, however, is that he’s managed to create clothes that feel as elegant and classically "Bottega" as they do modern and edgy. There are chunky woven dad sneakers and Napa leather trackpants, sure, but the tailored garments are interesting and unexpected too. The black cashmere suit in the collection’s opening look may seem straightforward, for instance, but by way of the elongated jacket line, a narrowed lapel, an expanded origami breast pocket and an ultra-wide trouser, it’s transformed into something extraordinary.

    Elsewhere, there’s a perforated leather cabana suit, which looks like it’s been made from an eye-wateringly expensive chamois leather, there’s an atomic yellow wind cheater and there are heavy boots finished with commando soles. The effect taken as a whole is masculine yet elegant, street yet smart. You can just as easily imagine Justin Bieber rocking the brown leather Bermuda shorts as you can Timothée Chalamet in the slim-cut honey-hued suit. It’s a collection with something for everyone (so long as everyone has money to spend).

    At Celine, Lee designed elegant, challenging clothes that both empowered women and made them look beautiful – with his first collection for Bottega Veneta it feels like he is attempting to do a similar thing for men. There’s a boldness and originality to the design that feels in step with the other brands in the Kering portfolio, such as Gucci and Saint Laurent. In Lee, Bottega Veneta has found a voice with which to speak to its increasingly demanding customer – a customer who expects stories and surprises from the brands they buy into, as much as expensive clothes made out of expensive fabrics.

    In short, if this collection offers even a sniff of the quality of menswear we’ve got to look forward to in 2019 then the horror of 2018 was probably worth it.

    *article courtesy of: Gentlemens Quarterly (UK)
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  2. Thoughts on the new collection? Are you all as impressed as the fashion editors?
    Personally, I'm not a fan of oversized baggy shapeless clothes, but I guess there's something for everyone in the new collection.
    I know one thing: I won't be buying any hooves (oops) shoes from this collection - so that's money in the bank, I guess.
  3. Thank you for posting. I think the women's RTW is pretty good, it has a lot of wearable separates, interesting shapes and structures. The men's stuff is a mix (or horrible mish mash) of basic fitted silhouettes and extreme oversized stuff that I don't really get. The oversize bags look cartoonish, impractical and unappealing to me. And I don't understand the point of view of the photographer, I'm pretty sure they went for intentional ugliness here. I couldn't figure out who did the photography, but it's not doing anyone or any of the items any favors.
  4. holy poo!... :eek:
    the men's stuff is just horrid!!
    the bags are a total miss for me, Donald Duck fins aka new ladies shoes are probably comfortable to wear, but very funny looking imo
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  5. thank you V0N, for your time and for your nerves to do this!
  6. I tried to get some close-up pictures of the bags - hopefully in the next few days, we'll see more detailed pictures of the bags, shoes (shudder), accessories, and jewellery.

    The tote-like bags - notice the visible exterior branding on pic 1 & 3
    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 01.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 02.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 03.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 04.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 05.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 06.png
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  7. The shoulder and satches styles...
    I see some exotics, so I guess there is hope. And I see what looks like it might be ponyhair, but I'm not sure.

    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 07.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 08.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 09.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 10.png
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  8. Finally, the clutches...

    BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 11.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 12.png BV Pre-Fall 2019 Detail 13.png
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  9. Here is another article from 10magazine.


    And so to Milan where Bottega Veneta gave its first tantalising glimpse of Daniel Lee’s vision for the house, with a low key presentation of its Pre-Fall 19 collection. This design equivalent of a soft launch was held in an exhibition space next to Milan’s technology museum, where guests were treated to a lunch of risotto Milanese before being invited to take a closer look at the Lee’s debut men’s and women’s collections. The designer himself was not present. Instead, colleagues from the design team were on hand to answer any questions. These Bottega bods explained Lee’s approach: Take familiar classics like the trench, parka and tuxedo, perfect their silhouette and then transform them into something else – something far more interesting.

    A leather shift came with a deep scoop neck and was designed to be worn over a luscious silk high necked dress. A tailored jacket was scooped away at the front to give it an unfamiliar look. Trousers – in laser cut leather, linen or satin followed the classic 501 silhouette and were designed to be worn with matching shirts in a new take on co-ords.

    Craft and modernity are happy bedfellows at Lee’s new Bottega (one of his key hires is a fabric technologist), so the quilting on a leather skirt was made with lasers and not stitching, knits were bonded at the seams and capes and parkas were made from high-tech waterproof leather. Practicality and ease are touchstones. The looped pockets of workwear cropped up on refined pieces and unusual layering was a big theme. Sporty parkas were put under formal tailored coats or paired with with sensual silks. Fabric nerds take note, the new Bottega is ultra-tactile. Lee has overhauled every category from shoes (woven leather courts with midi heels, their exaggerated square toed silhouette would appeal to Mini Mouse) to jewellery (zirconia-encrusted chunky chains).

    As for the bags, there was plenty to get excited about from the ostentatious proportion of Lee’s new oversized totes to Insta-friendly shoppers in macro versions of the house’s signature weave, squishy clutches and pleasing bucket bags laden with brass hardware. Lee’s new Bottega is younger in attitude, confident and styled up for the 21st century. A former Céline alumnus, this Brit is out to prove he is a modern taste maker. Meanwhile, sophisticated women craving their fix of #OldCéline have something new to obsess about. Bring on his first full runway show in February. Lee is the man to watch.
  10. I was hoping that they would bring back the mini Cabat but apparently they are going in a totally opposite direction. I love big bags but these are just too big and too stiff for me. Maybe 2020 will be better.

    BTW, the dental hygienist complimented me on my baseball hobo today.
  11. That's an incredible amount of ugly IMHO. Not a single bag that would interest me. And the men's collection :shocked:...
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  12. Caroline Issa posing with a bag from Pre-Fall 2019.
    carolineissa - BrVDc79lQFr.jpg
  13. I think there'll be smaller versions of these bags. They're very structured, and too big. It's just not feasible or practical to even think of carrying them around everyday, which is what I always think of when I think of BV - Everyday Luxury. The maxi is for maximum visual impact considering how minimal the styling is. And, no doubt, the maxi is also a reaction to the super-mini bag trend we're seeing now).
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  14. I'm loving the scalloped leather skirt. It looks to be lasercut to give a more flat scallop effect, rather than textured. I'll reserve judgement until he can really get into the swing of things. From what I've read, he's humble, eager to learn. Total opposite of Hedi.
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  15. OMG. The bags. :confused1:
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