Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Looks like I’m in the minority here but I love the pouch and just got this same one...
  2. I love The Pouch too, esp in the larger size in the woven leather. It is divine.
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  3. Oh my! My beloved BV has taken a nose dive!
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  4. I really like the woven ones, but the smooth ones look too "anatomical" to me. I suppose I spent too many years in the health care professions, lol.
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  5. I'm in healthcare too, and that was my first thought also, but didn't know quite how to discretely describe that here. "Anatomical" is perfect! :whut::lol:
  6. And I cannot unsee it.
  7. Maybe it is just me, but the maxi cabat with the oversized strips reminds me of the bags made out of interwoven seat belts. :angel:
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  8. me too.
  9. Arco
    3 sizes
    (sorry, forgot to snap the mini mod shot)
    it's not my cuppa
    but the leather on the black one (the most wearable size imo) is dreamy!! soft, pebbly textured leather, does not feel too bulky
    the big one (pleated) is darn heavy empty!
    the small is just too small to be practical
    handles stand up (annoying) :tdown:

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  10. I just cannot buy the handles. That is all you can see when you look at the bag.
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  11. Thank you for the pictures ksuromax!
    To me these bags seem to be by "any other designer". No identity, no BV soul in them:sad:
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  12. no BV for me in them either :no:
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  13. they are not dead stiff, and, possibly, after some use they might soften enough to drop down, but they (bags) still are too fussy, with that silly flap... it does not go over to the back, same like Hermes Gypsier, totally stupid flap
    although, the leather is soft and yummy
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  14. What everyone else said. Also nothing aesthetically pleasing about the style IMHO.
  15. Well at least it has one redeeming thing about it.