Official Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Judging by the reviews, Kering must buy tons of ad space in fashion publications. So sad. :sad:
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  2. BV had a distinct understated style wherein you would recognize and adore it from afar. I never had a Celine bag but they all look Celine. Also most of the ready to wear had all casual modern vibe to it. The cut and the silhouette arent meant to be a classic.
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  3. Oh dear, please DO let us forget that!!

    I must admit though that some pieces of the women’s RTW collection I could actually consider buying and wearing, but the men’s and the bags - oh no! I’ll be scouting the pre-loved market going forward...
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  4. Thanks V0N1B2, tbh I wasn't expecting the collection to be that bad (referring to the bags). I knew I wouldn't like it but thought I would be able to pick couple of bags.
    Not happening.
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  5. I now think that I should prioritize buying things that I want from the current collection as it seemed that I will want nothing from the future collection... so sad to see this wave of new design orientation that depart from the real feel of quality classics, almost in all design houses - Gucci, Balenciaga, Celine, now BV. I must admit that I am now thinking about Chanel! (Though the classic Chanels definitely don’t work with my lifestyle...)
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    If you like the RTW just go to Joseph ad save yourself a packet. If you have leather culottes and a double-faced cashmere coat already you don't need anything. These examples don't even fit the models.


    I can't tell you how much I HATE it all. It's old it's boring, it's stuck between AM's Gucci faux-shock (without the shlock) and rejects from Celine. The shoes are worse (although I've never been a fan of most BV shoes) and the bags look like they've been designed by Foundation Year students. Kering is obviously trying to kill BV. Hate Kering right now, I wish I was a big shareholder and could issue a vote of no confidence in the management.

    Off to have a fashion tantrum.
  7. Well, after looking at all of these photos, I’m glad to have a “new to me” Noce Sloane on the way. Wow, the models and the clothing, the bags are just awful.
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  8. I’m just sad. Trying to appreciate it for a more urban look. I don’t have the lifestyle to wear BV ready to wear but I liked the idea that I would wear it and would feel good wearing it. under TM it felt modern and classy. The new collection feels modern but is missing the classiness and easy luxury that I want in clothes.

    I can’t even think of a single positive thing to say about the bags. The one monster Celine tote thing is a nice bronze color. But that’s about all I can say about it.
  9. Don’t even bother with Joseph, head straight to COS and find a similar silhouette for 79€!
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  10. Oy! The giant bags almost seem laughable. I'm sure they are heavy and if you actually carry anything, I can just imagine. The super square toes on the shoes. Wha??? The bag and shoe collections look hurried to me. I have been trying to think of something flattering to say, but I can only agree with P.T., that Kering is trying to kill BV. I guess I'll just stick to collecting the older Knot clutches.

  11. Here’s a YouTube video from business insider discussing Gucci and why it’s popular with millineals. I don’t think Kering is trying to kill BV but they are trying to change (perhaps too quickly and desperately) the image. If they wanted to discontinue BV it would make more financial sense to do it before investing in a new designer.

    I see similarities with Gucci 2019 pre-fall just featured on the PurseBlog. The large BV intrecciato tote that leaked a couple of months ago, the small satchel and the square-toed shoes look very similar to Gucci to me. As others have noted, there’s also a lot of Céline in some of the new designs.

    I’ve never been a big fan of Céline bags as I don’t like the robot face of the luggage, the wings on some bags and the beautiful, but not durable, smooth leather. (I’ve seen you tubers wrap the straps on the box bags straps in twillies to protect the bag from scratches caused by the buckles on the strap.)

    Interestingly, the video mentions that it may be hard to duplicate Gucci’s current success.
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  12. TM was a genius at BV but sales have been disappointing lately and a change was needed. My home store is closing to open a smaller boutique down the street. Men’s RTW has been removed because it didn’t sell.

    I don’t think this collection is the end of the brand. Yes, it’s different, but I see a lot of interesting things. I am curious to see how it will all feel once in stores.
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  13. i agree, one pilot collection is not enough for the verdict, but i am praying they don't discontinue the core features (such as intrecciato, shape of Veneta, etc), those details that make BV.
    Adding new styles, or a new take on the old style, while keeping the core pieces safe would be a safe play, but only time will tell where we are heading...
  14. So I am a newbie in terms of the brand, particularly the clothing. But here is my read:
    1. The women clothing looks beautiful, I love the deconstructed weave incorporated in the clothing.
    2. Men's outerwear and generally jackets are great. The baggy pants I don't like. There are some great shoes for the men.
    3. The square box clutch is awesome. Not what I think for BV, but lovely. As are the exotics.
    4. Why are the bags huge? They look like luggage.
    5. I like the giant weave for the runway in a bag - not sure if that translates to real life and the in stores collection.
  15. Silver Lining

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