Official Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Me too. I have ordered another Ciambrino
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  2. I got a tax refund this’s funding my panic buys
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  3. Your so spot on! This sums up so much of the design that is out there right now, completely juvenile.
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  4. I had the chance to pop into BV in Copenhagen airport. The large pouch was actually true to old BV craftsmanship, but overall such weird proportions and when the SA opened it up, that cheap ass chain and pouch inside killed it for me.

    But the was the only bag in the store with an alarm on it didn’t know if I should laugh or cry tbh.
    It felt and looked so cheap and it was the plain black size 30.
    Really underwhelming. Like a first year, fashion student craft project. The price tag just makes it even more of a joke.
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  5. Hilarious, and so apt a comparison! :lol:

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  6. It is good economic sense to buy preloved. Just like new cars. The minute you drive it off of the lot you have lost thousands of dollars. A preowned bag in excellent condition is a wise purchase indeed.
  7. F8EFC110-90DC-4630-894A-2511FE8F850A.jpeg Did you see the new Cabat? Appears to be crossbody. Apologies if this is the wrong thread.
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  8. I have not seen this. I like it a lot, but I am sure I cannot afford it, lol.
  9. Hmmm, interesting...
  10. I wish they would show it on a model. I have some concerns re how the strap will hold up but if the color range expands to black or a dark blue, it might be tempted. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to a new mini Cabat.
  11. Late to the group but echo everything that has been said, and the metaphor above is really spot on.

    We are really losing designers who design and have real women in their mind as they imagine the design - how the bag would fall against her body, how the bag will function, how to invoke a sartorial elegance without embellishments - essentially how to bring a new classic cult as opposed to just going with the trend. Or, I sort of hope that these are still inside the head of the designers, and they just need to get through this phase of craziness?
  12. We can only hope this is the case.
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  13. Well said!
  14. Likewise - am quite late getting into BV.

    About a year, ago that’s when I started exploring BV. After plenty of research (thanks a lot to the experts here in TPF!) I knew I wanted either a Campana or a Classic Ball in the classic colors, black or dark truffle. But by then those were not available in the boutiques, so pre-loved was my route. When I recently found my one and only (for now) new-to-me Campana, I immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship and decided to look out for new releases too.. Looking at these new designs - I so very much regret not getting into BV much much sooner. Personally, I do not think from a design and function perspective that the new collection works for my lifestyle (wife and career woman who likes to go out and travel)
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  15. Okay, I understand Tomas Maier is revered here, but it's not like he never put out poorly designed clothes and bags. For years and years, TM put out bags with fixed straps that couldn't possibly be worn by petites. I think the Gardena was the first crossbody that came with a proper adjustable strap.

    Daniel Lee is trying to make his mark on a house with a strong identity established by his predecessor (unlike when TM came to BV). He's taking on the beloved classics so I understand the resistance, but it's not the end of the world or fashion. He'll make mistakes, but there will be new seasons and new designs, which may become new classics.
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