Official Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Watched the show online and jburgh said it best: they’ve killed the brand for me.

    Some pieces were interesting but the collection over all was not even slightly anything of the aesthetic I would associate with BV.

    The cuts and silhouettes were awful. I mean if it makes a statuesque beautiful model look like a goblin, garden gnome, how on earth will that ever translate well to real women and men in the street? Not everyone is an attention seeking influencer pimping themselves on Instagram for likes. Most of us have real jobs and these clothes are anything but for the “real women” DL supposedly designs for.

    For me the vibe was too grungy and a lot more reminiscent of something I would expect if Heidi Slimane fused with Demna Gvalasia.

    Bags looked cheap and uninteresting. The quilted puff bags looked OK looked but more like a street wear collaboration with Moncler, not high end luxury.

    Even the newer bags popping up on the website are looking like cheap streetwear brands and the prices are getting inflated.

    Sad to say but this might be a goodbye from me after more than a decade of nothing but love for the brand.
  2. whoa, thanks a lot for this, @V0N1B2

    this is the perfect excuse for me to break my ban (just got a veneta nero medium) since there is no way i will get the bags here. where is the luxurious feel of bv?
  3. Thanks so much for posting all of the photos, V0N1B2!

    I think I’m ready to close the book on new BV bags, but to be fair, I haven’t strayed beyond a few core styles, anyway (Veneta, Cabat, Knot, iron). It’s not like I’ve been looking for any more BVs lately, and this just seals the deal.

    I found the men’s RTW to be off-putting, but I don’t mind the edgier vibe of the women’s RTW, actually. I agree that it’s not what I associate with BV’s luxury aesthetic, though. I bought very little RTW by Tomas Maier because most of it just didn’t fit me or my style, but it was still beautiful to look at.

    I’m not fond of the footwear in this collection. I’ve always struck out on BV shoes though, because of the strange fit, even though I loved some of the styles. Now I’ll just give up on the shoes, too.

    The jewelry pieces shown are disappointing.

    Overall, I think this is good for my wallet! I’ll cherish the pieces that I already have.
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    Thank you VON1B for posting the photos.
    And thank you Lovely ladies for your comments.
    I can see a bit of BV in some of the dresses.,
    The quilted shoes were quite a shock for me and the chocolate tablettes as well (as per ksuromax observation). Are quilts and chocolate blocks replacing the Interciatto?
    The 1st few photos of the men collection thought they were from ladies collection (the choice of androgynous models) was confusing especially based on the previous collection.
  5. Thank you VON1B for posting!
    As a long time BV fan, I am so disappointed... ☹️ It makes me so sad.
  6. Thank you Von for posting the pics
    I was willing to give DL the benefit of the doubt
    I don’t normally curse but my reaction to this is WTF
  7. I was rolling on the floor looking at these. Where is the esthetic, the lovely fabrics, the spectacular draping of materials, the flattering of the bodies or emphasis of color. I fear the day of the true fashion designers is gone. It is the age of the silly and absurd. Yes, I am older, but my daughter, nieces and nephews are not. They too are laughing themselves silly.
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  8. So I had an opportunity to see the two new silhouettes available this week.
    It's amazing to me how the SAs are able to keep such a stiff upper lip in regards to the changes. :lol:
    The Pouch was underwhelming to be honest. There is nothing about the bag that says "BV" to me. You know how you see a Bottega from across a room or on someone on the street and you just know it's a BV? Well, this bag does doesn't. Bottega Veneta has always been one of those brands where the phrase "those who know, know" is applicable. The Pouch was a bit too large for a clutch, IMO and the Pouch 20 was too small. More like a cosmetic bag. A very very expensive cosmetic bag. It was too unstructured for me and I feel like a clutch needs that little bit of structure in order for it to stand up on its base while on the table (or wherever you choose to put it down). The exception to this rule is The Knot of course.
    The Maxi Cabat 30 is garbage. I'm sorry, and I know people will like it and I think it's great that everyone has different tastes but this bag looks so cheap. You know when you think of a Cabat and you remember seeing the photos of the artisans standing up weaving it and the meticulous detail that goes into ensuring that every cross of the fettucce has the same tension etc? Yeah, I don't see that with this bag. It looks like it took two hours (at the most) to construct. Does not, in any way, shape, or form warrant its price tag.
    I was told that the runway bags (and clothing) are really just runway pieces and won't necessarily be sold in boutiques but I don't believe it for a minute. They say the intrecciato isn't going anywhere. Why do I not believe them? Why did I not see any Knots or show stopping pieces on the runway? In past years, bags seen on the runways have been available in boutiques.
    I think the Bottega Veneta as we have come to know it is dead.
    My personal opinion... I think by the end of the year, the Roma, Olimpia, Loop, Garda, Cesta etc. will be gone from boutiques.
    I'll be back boutique hopping in May so I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll come around to these stiff looking crossword looking bags with giant buckles.
    But don't hold your breath. :lol:
  9. Thank you for your review. I do not live close to ANY designer boutiques, so the only thing I have to go on is TPF. And thank goodness for that. I have not been disappointed with any bag that I have purchased that was used, evaluated and reviewed on The Purse Forum. I have bought some that turned out to be not my style, but that happens even when you buy one in a store. After putting it to use in your own reality, you learn that it won't work. OR that you have changed your style, which we all do from time to time.
  10. When I see the old vs new Cabats I can't help but think of this as a comparison...


  11. I’m late to the party here. I too am disappointed and worried my favorite brand will no longer be what made me fall in love initially. Classic and understated. And the shoes are horrible. This makes me so sad. I have a decent collection but always looked forward to the new season. My shoes are the hit of the office [emoji3]. My hubby and wallet are thankful.
  12. This just makes me so sad. And panicked. I have taken a speedboat out of Ban Island and just want to get my hands on as many of the “classics” as I can.
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  13. I wish I could afford to buy the classics new (I can't even afford the speedboat off the island :lol:). Thank goodness for pre-loved!
  14. Fortunately for me, I tend to fall in love with mainly older pieces, so pre-loved is definitely the way for me... much more affordable, and already broken in and soft!!!
  15. :tup:
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