Official Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. BV Fall2019 Bags 13.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 14.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 15.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 16.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 17.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 18.jpg *photos courtesy of: and
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  2. Chocolate fans might find it cool, but it ain't BV for me... :no:
  3. BV Fall2019 Bags 19.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 20.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 21.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 22.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 23.jpg *photos courtesy of: and
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  4. thank you very much, V0N!
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  5. BV Fall2019 Bags 24.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 25.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 26.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 27.jpg BV Fall2019 Bags 28.jpg *photos courtesy of: and
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  6. And finally, the shoes. I mean... footwear. Yes, I feel better saying "footwear" :lol:

    BV Fall2019 Shoes 01.png BV Fall2019 Shoes 02.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 03.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 04.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 05.jpg
    *photos courtesy of: and
  7. BV Fall2019 Shoes 06.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 07.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 08.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 09.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 10.jpg
    *photos courtesy of: and
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  8. BV Fall2019 Shoes 11.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 13.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 14.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 15.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 16.jpg *photos courtesy of: and
  9. BV Fall2019 Shoes 17.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 18.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 19.jpg BV Fall2019 Shoes 20.jpg
    *photos courtesy of: and
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  11. My thoughts...
    I'm sure I'll be flamed for this, but IDGAF... some of the menswear looks were, hmm... how can i put this delicately and in a sensitive manner? :thinking: If I saw one of those dudes walking near a school - I'd call the cops. There, I said it. #sorrynotsorry
    As for the women's collection.. I see a mash-up of Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags, Fendi Crossword bags, and Chanel-inspired quilted "shoes". The fashuns remind me of Bottega Veneta circa Spring 2001-ish... you know, around the time they were almost bankrupt and the label was struggling before Gucci Group bought it and resurrected it from the dead.
  12. Well, a plain BV sweater with no embellishments is about $1,400 USD so maybe with part of it missing, it might be closer to $1,900?
    I mean, think of how much you'll be saving by not buying any bags. Ta da!
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  13. Okay, so technically these are Spring 2019 trinkets, but let me reiterate:
    I guess your own initials really aren't enough.
    Will we see more of this going forward for Fall 2019?
    Maybe we should all start wearing our LE bags inside out, so the plaque is on the outside, or even just our regular bags inside out so the heatstamp shows.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.21.51 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.22.18 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.23.15 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.23.50 AM.png
    *photos courtesy of:
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  14. Von thanks for taking the time to post these. I really tried to look with an open mind but I’m not feeling the need to see any of this in person. The boxy clutch is ok but it’s too similar to the Hermes version I think.
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  15. From FASHIONISTA magazine:

    The under-the-radar, newly hired creative director is one to watch.

    Bottega Veneta announced the hire of Daniel Lee as creative director in June of last year, it showed yet another industry shift towards letting more behind-the-scenes designers take the reins for a major luxury house. Since then, there's been high hopes for the newly appointed Lee, who replaces Tomas Maier (and his 17-year tenure), because he hails from Old Céline — along with stints at Balenciaga, Maison Margielaand Donna Karan — and could potentially fill the void that many Phoebe Philophites are longing for.
    Lee's work for the Italian house is already promising, as his Spring 2019 "edit," according to Vogue, and Pre-Fall 2019 collection were met with solid reviews; the latter wasn't shown on models, but as objects on display, making his runway debut on Friday during Milan Fashion Week all the more anticipated.

    "While the quiet craft central to Bottega Veneta's identity is still present, Fall 2019 brings a sharp injection of modernity to traditional technique, turning up the volume," says the show notes. In a previous interview, Lee once described the brand as a "sleeping giant"; it seems he's ready to wake it up.

    Signatures of Bottega Veneta are still evident but take on new, evolving forms. Its iconic Intrecciato weave is reimagined as square-shaped texture on colored leather coats and skirts, as well as a statement detail on a bright orange dress. Sparkling, sequined garments popped up throughout the collection, which helped balance the mostly-leather looks on the runway. And since handbags are a specialty of the house, Lee provides a slew of shapes and styles that will likely take over the street style crowd next fashion month. Those who need an Old Céline fix will find comfort in the wool coats and lug-sole Chelsea boots.

    Lee's work experience is heavily rooted in womenswear, which means his men's collections are a first for the designer. It's clear that he's much more open to experimentation for this particular range, as models boasted turtlenecks — some were sheer, others were knitwear — with extra-long sleeves and avant-garde necklines. As menswear customers continue to make bolder fashion choices, Lee's offerings could appear on future red carpet renegades.

    As Lee took his first-ever final bow for Bottega Veneta, the crowd cheered and some stood up to applaud the collection, including Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, actor and wife Salma Hayek, as well as their daughter Valentina. Before the show began, Hayek was already singing Lee's praises and now that his show has wrapped, it's likely even more followers will be excited to see what’s next from him.