Official Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. totally! :lol:
  2. i dislike the stamps on the jewelery :tdown:
    my smooth/intrecciato silver pieces are even dearer to me now
    this clutch as a copy-paste of the clutch they did a few years ago, i saw one in beige stingray
  3. With the exception of a few of the women's pieces nothing in the collection did it for me and quite a bit of it (particularly the men's wear) was laughable. Hated the shoes (Sorry V0N, footwear :lol:). While the bags weren't horrible there was nothing that wasn't either derivative or frankly boring.
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  4. Yeah, it's their standard Crocodile Piano Clutch that is available every year since maybe 2004? - My Ultimate HG Bag *and maybe the Croc Tiina Bag as well, but I have never seen them do a plain leather version. :blah:
    I had an opportunity to buy the Stingray Piano clutch on sale and I didn't :sad:
  5. the Luxury Closet still has the beige one, listed as "New/Never Used"
  6. Oh my gosh I was thinking the same thing. Storm troopers Why do I get the feeling that designers are behind the scenes laughing their you know whats off and saying, "If we can only get people to wear these, we will have our revenge."
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  7. No you won't be flamed by me! I am not sure I have ever seen anything so absurd!
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  8. I liked the red sweater-ish belted coat and one of the dresses, but it was just a bit blah for me. I guess because I like more feminine styled pieces - dresses with a waist, darts at the bust, you know, that kind of stuff. The oversized and baggy aesthetic is a bit too Eileen Fisher for me. I mean, I like some of her stuff, but I can save $2,000 and get one of her boxy merino sweaters instead. Overall, there was just too much leather - and that's coming fom the woman who has like six pairs of leather pants :lol: and there was too much leather pieced together. It kind of cheapens the look for me personally. If you're gonna do a leather skirt, make it gorgeous soft lambskin that floats with you, not squares of leather sewn together. Most of the women's coats looked like one of those school projects where they make you use recycled materials like plastic bags and newspaper to fashion a piece of clothing.

    Some quotes I found.... interesting.
    Before the show began, Hayek was already singing Lee's praises and now that his show has wrapped, it's likely even more followers will be excited to see what’s next from him.
    Meh. I can wait. :lol:

    Signatures of Bottega Veneta are still evident but take on new, evolving forms.
    Really? Where?

    Those who need an Old Céline fix will find comfort in the wool coats and lug-sole Chelsea boots.
    No, I don't require an "Old Celine fix" thank you. If I was into Celine, you would have seen me posting in that forum. No, I'm looking for a Bottega Veneta fix. Something "understated luxury", "stealth wealth" or as I prefer to call it, classy and feminine. No, keep your Phoebe Philo aesthetic, your old Celine, and give me something - anything that says "Bottega Veneta" when I look at the clothing, and more importantly, the purses. Because not one of those bags says "Bottega Veneta".
  9. Here, here perfectly stated.
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  10. i agree, it’s perfectly stated. The shoes are a particular no for me.

    Salma’s good at promoting her husband’s businesses. Let’s see how much she wears in real life as I seems to remember she typically chooses Gucci.
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  11. I watched the video on their website. I know next to nothing about runway clothing but I don’t find anything I saw particularly a shout-out. Non-inspiring and many models had a strange way of strutting down the aisle - maybe the footwear wasn’t comfortable especially the boots. I don’t want to comment on the bags. My bank manager is definitely going to be happier.
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  12. #42 Feb 22, 2019
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    Thanks V0N for pictures, article and commentary. When I watched the runway video on my phone, I thought I saw a croc coat, but alas I was mistaken. I think all of these looks are ridiculous, mens, womens, bags, and shoes. I wonder how much they are paying these writers to pimp the looks. And I really feel bad for longtime BV employees who are now forced to sell this stuff. I am so disappointed, and sad at what has happened to a beautiful, luxurious, understated aesthetic. Someone here said they thought Kering was trying to kill BV, well they seem to have done that for me.
  13. I’m in the minority here as I thought the show was interesting and fresh. The dresses were quite pretty. There was a navy one with what looked like some sort of overlay and a black and white one that I thought were particularly nice. It struck me as simple and unadorned and quite wearable.

    I didn’t care for the men’s collection as much. I felt like the proportion of the sleeves was some sort of ‘keep your hands to yourself’ statement. It made me chuckle a bit.

    The bags were ok. Nothing special. I thought the small white one was a cop of coffee and I thought ‘How cool that they’re being real and she’s modeling with a cup of coffee’. I was mistaken.

    Tomas had some very special runway bags in his shows and that was not the case in this show. But I had read Mr. Lee will focus more on clothes and less on accessories so I wasn’t surprised.
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  14. The rtws have futuristic and game of thrones vibe on them! So yeah ladies, we might see some neon and metal swords in the future. Possibly on the campaign? :lol:
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  15. Thank you for posting these pics, Von. I share the same view in terms that I see other brands in this collection. Some of the women's RTW pieces are wearable but the menswear remind me of a sci-fi movie for some reason. The heritage of BV is totally lost.
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