Official Bottega Veneta Fall 2019 Thread - post pics & discuss here.

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  1. Critics are not allowed to be critical anymore, the fashion world is too small and things move too fast, you never know who you will be working for next week (or not)
  2. I don't hate it, I just think it's Celine-does-Matrix.

    Since Celine is doing YSL-does-Top Shop

    I will b interested to see where TM goes so I can find BV.

    BV to me:

    It's true I didn't like everything TM did for BV, but the company goes back a lot further and TM always respected and reflected their artisanal roots. Something would always seduce me. Maybe a hammered silver bangle or impeccably made gloves. Always hard to resist the lure of another hobo. When I bought BV it was forever and not fashion, one thing added to another like a personal woven statement of style. Lee tries too hard, the leather (or silk or silver etc) is not the star anymore, it's trying soooo hard to reinvent BV I can't even see BV in the DNA. I know the ol' BV wasn't selling fast enough for Kering and the pressure must be huge, structure is very 'in' too, but everything seems so over-designed I think.

    I never took to BV's shoes, and I still don't understand these either, I think the shoes must be designed by the same team.

    Jewellery: I don't mind the signet ring or the ID bracelet but again they're not very BV and my initials are not BV. I'm guessing you could engrave your own.

    RTW, liking the red coat. I like the red and I like the shape.

    Bags Hoping these are just the 'runway pieces' and some classics will remain.
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  3. You have absolutely nailed it.
  4. I like the bucket cabat especially if it’s a cross body. I just texted Danah at Valley Fair for more info.
  5. B28FD967-E790-4569-9E87-4FE743B15C40.jpeg 937D0C3F-2148-4083-AC51-500818791F37.jpeg
    Pictures of flat leather bucket cabat in mist from Candace at Las Vegas boutique. I’m interested but not in this season’s colors (mist, poppy, brown).
  6. Thanks for posting this.

    I actually kind of liked the idea of a ‘cabat bucket bag’, but now seeing the bag/strap proportions it seems a bit off to me.

    That strap looks far too flimsy and I would expect it to dig into ones should if the bag is filled up?
    Also the smooth leather version does not look like a $2000 bag imho.
  7. I am not sure if photos of the new envelope clutch have been posted . After I check this thread I delete from my memory everything that I have seen, can you blame me? I asked for the old (smaller) envelope for comparison but they didn't have any.

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  8. My SA sent me a photo of him wearing this bag, and I had the same reaction. It’s very plain (which is not necessarily a bad thing), and it doesn’t look luxurious (which is a bad thing).

    I usually lurk on this thread because I’m relatively new to BV and don’t have the history so many of you all have. Some of the more traditional BV models (ie, slouchy hobos) don’t work for me, so I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about what’s coming next. My SA said there will be a “palette cleanser” before the new Daniel Lee designs come in in force. I didn’t like photos of the Pouch, but now that I’ve seen it in person, it’s growing on me (this may be irrelevant since I do not have a clutch lifestyle).

    But some of the things that are going away are making me really sad. No more Brunito hardware. :shocked: And, to my horror, no more butterflies! :wtf: My SA said Daniel Lee is getting rid of butterflies. I’ve always loved BV’s butterfly motif and can’t help feeling crushed by this.:tdown:
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  9. Hi! Thanks, both of you for posting the photos. I still have not ventured back to the BV boutique since last season, so I appreciate seeing the updates.
  10. This is gorgeous.
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  11. I tried the non-woven bucket bag yesterday at Valley Fair. It didn’t wow me at all. The strap was too thin and it is smaller than I expected it to be. I came home with another bag that I know will be a go-to BV. ‘Will post a reveal over the weekend.
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  12. i took another look at the pics, thought now, after a while, my eyes got used to the new shapes and ideas and they will not look so horrid to me....
    gosh, i was wrong! :facepalm:
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  13. Do we like these new espadrilles? I’ve been really eager to see the update, as I’ve been devoted to them for the past two years.

    The tops are now canvas? I have short legs so the stacked sole would give me another inch....but I’m a Plain Jane and, at first glance, these look “busy” to me. I need input. Yay or nay?
    1FB8C630-1310-4222-936C-5F444C6F4546.jpeg 15F537C3-6B1C-410E-9729-255DD3FA76AA.jpeg 1F28169B-2C42-44E1-B2A3-C2953EABE461.jpeg
  14. Personally not a fan. They look too heavy and clunky.
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  15. I don’t like them.