Ode to the Twilly

  1. Wow, IL, I am in love with your Capitales collection. I think I might need one... :p
  2. I love your ideas! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. [​IMG]

    A repeat post from "what is your last Hermes purchase" :p
    Love my new blue twilly. Any of u can help with the actual name?
  4. Very pretty! I'm afraid I don't know for sure, but my guess would be Kelly in Pearls----I don't know the French translation for that & I'm not sure that it is that design, but that's my guess. HTH.

  5. I LOVE the En Desorde!!

  6. I know, right? Our summer has been soooooo hot & I miss wearing my H silks----it's nice to add them to my bags. :yes:

  7. Very pretty! This is the pattern with the pix of the models on the back, right? I love how it can be 2 very different looks. :yes:

  8. Definitely Kelly en Perles samantha, what terrific colors!
  9. Very creative & pretty!

  10. Thank you---I thought it was something like that, but my French is non-existent!

    [BTW, I love the Jige in you avatar!]
  11. Love both of these, CMB! Is that an Amazonia GP??? It is GORGEOUS!!!!

  12. Gorgeous, IL!! I :heart: that CW of Chains et Gourmette! I really should have bought it when it was around.

  13. That CW is FAB on your Bolide!!!

  14. These are very pretty & what a cute pic!!!

  15. Piggy----Soooo many great ideas!!! :woohoo: