Ode to the Twilly

  1. It has been such a hot summer on the East Coast that I've been entirely unable to wear any H other than bags & the always underappreciated Twilly.

    Mind you, it's been so hot that it's really my bag wearing the Twilly, but it is still the only bit of silk I've been able to incorporate into summer at all!

    Thus, an ode to the wonderful sliver of silk from H known as the Twilly. :heart:
  2. I don't have access to any of my other pix, but here is my latest Twilly----Omnibus in Rose/Ciel/Pistache (I think).
  3. What a pretty Twilly! It's been too hot here for any silk, even a Twilly.
  4. Thanks OB! Here, too----that's why I've been tying them to my bags. I'm longing for cooler weather to be able to break out my scarves & shawls again. :yes:
  5. I just crank up the AC and wear my shawls around the house :biggrin: Actually, two of the three twillys that I have were bought for DD. Just wish she'd wear them long enough to get a picture!

    This one was an RAOK gift from last year, me very first twilly :love:
    Tout En Carre in Turqoise

  6. That's very pretty, OB!! I bet LilOB looks gorgeous in them! :love:
  7. My twillies...

  8. Etenebris, what a sweet pic!! :girlsigh:
  9. oh ETenebris I *love* confettis d'ex libris! what a lovely colourway!
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    fleurs de lotus twilly in aqua/vert/anis colourway, tied as piggy's twilly flower:

    fleurs de lotus twilly on front handle, jeu des omnibus on back handle

    hidden bolduc twilly (came with 3-piece palladium clou de selle twilly ring set), tied in piggy's windsor heart knot with large clou de selle twilly ring

    same hidden bolduc twilly as bow embellishment on a dress:

    l'air de ginza twilly, tied into flat wrap bracelet with large clou de selle twilly ring:

    . . . and into piggy's faux twilly necktie with large clou de selle twilly ring:
  11. tout en carré twillytail (^(oo)^)

    this tout en carré colourway comes as a set with palladium bolduc twilly rings:

    confettis d'ex libris twilly belt, with a baby bolduc twilly ring used as the fastener

    jeu des omnibus twilly shoulder strap wrap for baby 26cm lindy

    maillons twilly in mastic/marron glacé/gris
  12. plumes twilly tied into piggy's fluffy bow bracelet with clou de selle twilly rings


    I can never, ever remember what this twilly design is called. every time I look it up, and every time I forget it anew. anyone? :p shown here securing a multiple-looped Chanel necklace to enhance what I call the "parting shot," aka the back view of the outfit
  13. Cinderlala, ouija board and ETenebris; gorgeous twillies!!!

    lvpiggy; you are so 'twilly-talented' ; love all your ideas!
  14. Here are some pictures of my bags with their Twilly's!

    There are two with the Jypsiere...the first is when I turned the strap into a shoulder strap rather than a cross body. The second is how I tie the bow when it's cross-body.
    IMG_0858.JPG J34VVFPHW Dressed.JPG PLGMB Dressed.JPG GPBN Dressed.JPG KF32CP Dressed.JPG
  15. Here are some more!!!
    L34RPHW Dressed.JPG Twillyx4 new.JPG TwillyX4.jpg