Scarves Ode to Parures de Samouraïs

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  1. Thank you! I think I could make either work, lol! CW 10 looks so serene but CW 01 red tassle on a whitish background gives it an authentic Japanese (flag) vibe! Still can’t decide...
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  2. Blue and grey. The cardigan is a pearl grey, my pants were charcoal. 032F0093-60D3-49EF-9C20-EE0C379423B6.jpeg
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  3. :hbeat:So fab!!:flowers:
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  4. Honestly. I think you should get both. They are equally gorgeous and both colourways are very different. I think you could be happy breaking your one per design this one time!:flowers:
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  5. I think you should get both as well. The details for the Samourais are amazing and both these CWs are different enough to have. It's hard to limit oneself to just 1 CW per shawl when the design is this amazing. I own 3 CSGMs and 3 90 silks. There are a few members here that own all the CWs for both the 90 scarf and 140 CSGM formats.
  6. So beautiful! Never tired of seeing samourais.
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  7. They still have CW 1, 6 and 7 available on the Canadian site for anyone still looking for them. I got 1 last year and loved it....ended up getting 7 as well. :biggrin: I was pleasantly surprised to see this design still available online!
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  8. You are the perfect model! All gorgeous!
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  9. Thank you kindly, dear MAGJES!
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  11. Thank you!
  12. After lurking in this thread for a couple of days and being completely unproductive... tada! I was afraid it was going to be white and blue and I’d look like a vase but luckily it was blue and mostly grey! Can’t wait to wear it!

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  13. One of my favorites! Congratulations!
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  14. Twins! This is my favorite and most-worn scarf now. I hope it brings you the same joy and utility for years to come.
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  15. Can you order through Canadian website and ship it to the US? Thanks