Obsessed with hologram

  1. I love the combination with the green on the butterfly; I wonder if a softer hologram wallet in a greener colourway would coordinate better? (I like it quite a bit as-is, but if you're not satisfied now then it probably won't grow on you.) The green of the butterfly picks up the warmth in the grey birch, but the grey/purple in the wallet is colder and seems to be pulling against it.
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  2. Thanks, and just to let you know, I was at the outlet yesterday and they had the Mercer 24 Hologram satchel for 50% off (and up to an additional 25% off if you received the tiered coupon.)
  3. I'm going to cry. I would love a hologram bag, but the closest outlet to me is a 15 hour drive away. Lucky!
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  4. Your outlet had them on the bottom shelf like mine did. If I were in charge I'd put them right at eye level because even if some people don't like them (which makes no sense to me!) they would definitely catch their attention. I feel bad for them being relegated to the bottom :sad:.
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  5. Do you have access to the online factory sales? I don't know if there's currently a sale on but they've had hologram items during the last two so they may pop again during the next one if any are still available.
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  6. Macy's is having a sale, they lowered the sale prices on the hologram items they have left. I "might" have just placed an order....
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  7. They also had a few hologram wallets and some large totes.
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  8. Wish I could find an Ace satchel at my outlet!!
  9. I wish the cosmetic bags would show up on FOS or at the outlets. So sorry I missed those.
  10. I don't have access to the online outlet - you need a code or an invitation, from what I can tell. Do those get sent to VIP customers, or is there a secret handshake?

    You are a terrible enabler and my bank account despises you. The clutch is on its way. :panic:
  11. That's great! If it's any consolation my wallet hates me too ;)
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  12. But I'll bet that it is a Coach wallet!
  13. How did you know????? Hologram soft wallet :smile:
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  14. Yes, you do need an invitation. I'm far from a VIP customer but I have been able to access all of the sales (knock on wood) so I don't know what the criteria is for who they allow access to the sales.
    I think you'll love the clutch. I bought it on a whim even though I thought it would be too small, but I absolutely love it and the colors were exactly how I wanted them to be. I may or may not order another as a backup lol.
  15. You have to register at the FOS online site, see the link below. Sometimes it takes awhile but you should eventually get an invitation in your inbox.

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