Obsessed with hologram

  1. Ok I'm officially obsessed with my new hologram tote. I did show it on a few other active threads but for you ladies that maybe are not subscribed to those threads I wanted to do a reveal. For size reference I am 5'3" and weigh 107lbs.
    1446483469058.jpg 1446483478212.jpg 1446483485042.jpg 1446483492283.jpg
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  2. I really like this ALOT!!!!
  3. Nice !!!
  4. Really cute!!!
  5. They did the hologram effect really well! The combination of colors is really pretty. Your boots are cute too.
  6. Very nice!!! Looks great with your outfit...
  7. I wonder if the outlet will make a version of this? They seem to always copy the FP stores.

  8. I would hope not--but I wouldn't be surprised if they did!
  9. This bag is sooooo nice. I own a market tote and i really need this bag verrry soon!
  10. I would be obsessed with it too! :yes:
    It's a smashing tote!
  11. Looks great on you! totally fun colors...
  12. Thanks everyone !
  13. Can someone post the pics of the other upcoming hologram bags here? I know there is an Edie 28 and a Dakotah, not sure what else. Thanks!
  14. Love it! So cool!
  15. I love this. Thanks for the modeling pics!
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