Obsessed with hologram

  1. Thank you!! I'm so happy with the colors.
  2. Super excited! Look what arrived from FOS today! IMG_1485808161.216607.jpg
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  3. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
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  4. +1
    I hope more upcoming soon...I really hope Coach bring the large hologram backpack into the NA market. :noworry:
  5. Wanted to share my new Jimmy Choo hologram clutch. I've wanted this bag for so long ..... 20170202_084911.jpeg 20170202_084937.jpeg 20170202_085004.jpeg 20170202_085052.jpeg 20170202_085102.jpeg
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  8. I sent my hologram hangtags to Coach retail, from my Coach hologram Mercer 30, & Taylor tote & a couple other extra hologram hangtags I have. S heart D is me & my husbands initials, I love unicorns & hearts! They turned out great!!
    IMG_20170202_201146.jpg 20170202_183216.jpg 20170202_183107.jpg IMG_20170202_200447.jpg 20170202_183140.jpg
  9. Very cute
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  10. Thank-You!
  11. So I went to one of my local outlets yesterday to make a return, and just for kicks I made a quick lap around the store to see if they had any hologram pieces. I was just about finished with my lap when I saw two hologram totes sitting on a low shelf. I think I mentioned in this thread already that I'm not really into totes at the moment but I love the current hologram leather and I wasn't sure if I should buy the tote so I wouldn't regret not getting it. The tote was still 50% off, so combined with the sale going on at the outlet this weekend and my credit for the return the tote ended up being ~$130. At that price I couldn't pass it up and I'm happy I did end up getting it. I do have some concerns about it being too unstructured but I plan on using an organizer with it.

    I think I'm finally done with my purchases from this collection so I've attached a group shot. I have the Market Tote. Mercer 30, Crossbody Pouch, Accordion Wallet and Soft Wallet. 20170205_112922.jpg
  12. WOW I LOVE this line..:shocked:
  13. I recently revealed my new grey birch willow nomad, 3D butterfly charm, and hologram mercer wallet, but I am unsure about the wallet. It is my first hologram item and although I like the size, construction, color, and hardware of the wallet, I am not crazy about the rather coarse texture. I got the wallet at a good price ($103, retail = $275)) but I am not sure that it coordinates well with the nomad. I don't expect wallets and bags to match, but I do like them to compliment each other. What do you think of the combo and should I keep the wallet or return and look for another option to go with the grey birch nomad? Any suggestions?
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