Obsessed with hologram

  1. I was in Macy's Monday and saw a hologram tote, backpack, and a small handbag. Very pretty.
  2. Ohhhh - I see my problem. When I typed in my email the first time it said 'did not find your name on our list' and I assumed the screen that popped up was a 'try again' screen, not a 'register here' screen. heh. I can read good. Now I'm registered to be added on The List. ;)
  3. I received a Market Tote from the Macy's sale today. It was shipped perfectly, still in original packaging and appropriate padding etc. I was surprised because Macys has done a poor job of shipping to me in the past. I figured since it's so late in the season it would be an ugly color or more likely a customer return, but nope it was pristine. The bag is really beautiful, even though it's larger than what I usually carry I think it's a keeper. Definitely needs an organizer in it for some structure but that won't be hard to find.

    I like the unique colors of these bags. I don't think they photograph as nicely as they are in real life. I liken the colors to my black opal ring - it looks so completely different in different lights.
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  4. I totally agree! The reason I passed on it initially is that it's a tote (which I don't really use anymore) and it was larger than my previous totes, but I just couldn't pass it up since I'm in love with the leather and the colors. I also agree that it needs an organizer because I don't like floppy bags and I'm concerned about the corners caving in causing it to lose structure. I had a Divide and Conquer organizer from another bag that I tried with the tote and it fit pretty well, but I noticed that it seemed to leave indentations in the leather, which I didn't love. I might try ordering the tall versionto see if that helps because I think my current organizer hits just where the handles attach so it makes it cave in there and cause the indentations, if that makes sense.
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  5. Check out Purse Bling organizers - those are my favorite for open totes and satchels.
  6. Thank you, I'll check them out!
  7. I got my final hologram item from Macy's yesterday. This time Macy's did a super terrible job of packaging. It was put into a shipping envelope with no padding whatsoever. Then the mail carrier shoved it into my mailbox. So it was sort of deformed looking. Also the color was very, very ugly to me. I've never seen a bad looking hologram item until this one. It was an orange/burgundy with a green shift. So it went back straight away. I would have called Macy's to complain about the horrid shipping but they didn't have any to order a replacement with so I just returned it. I guess it never occurred to me that orange was a possibility.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that -- it stinks when something you're anticipating isn't at all what you expected. :sad:

    Mine arrived today and the packaging was exactly the same as you described - shoved in a plastic shipping bag, with only paper inside to keep shape. I got luckier on the colour, though; mine is dark green with a pink/purple shift. The leather is that heavy pebbled texture, and all I can think of when I hold it is 'iridescent dinosaur.' This is a selling point for me, though it may not be for others. :biggrin:
  9. Yay I'm glad yours will work out! I have to wonder why Macy's shipping can vary so greatly. Even the lady who took the return said for that much $ Macy's surely should have put it in a box. Ugh.
    I know what you mean about the texture. I didn't really care for the bags when I saw them in the Coach boutique, but once I got one at home and saw the colors shifting around I really liked how unique they are. It's an acquired taste for sure, but I think most of the hologram bags are beautiful.
    Also another advantage to the texture is it seems pretty durable to me, not a fragile have-to-baby it type bag which is great.
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  10. Once I ordered a pair of boots from Macy's. They sent it in a box big enough to hold a small refrigerator. No stuffing. Just the shoe box and it's contents rattling around inside.
  11. I've now taken the thread off topic and I apologize for that. But I did want to mention that last year when Macy's shipped me a bag in poor condition when I called to complain they did issue a sizable credit to my account.

    To get back on topic my mom was at an outlet today and they called JAX today to see if any hologram bags were left and I think the only one available was the market tote.
  12. I went by my Macys today and they had 1 backpack and 1 tote. Funny thing is they had the full pricing on the tag but they're on clearance. No way to know if you were just browsing. I kinda like the tote but the purple one that had wasn't for me. I kind of regret getting rid of my backpack.
  13. I went to a different Macys on Saturday and they had just the tote and a mercer satchel in 24. Thinking about the backpack again, I don't regret getting rid of it anymore, however I am eyeballing the satchel. It was not on clearance though so the discount wasn't good enough for me to go for it in store. If I can find it elsewhere I might go for it, it kind of reminds me of a small rogue.
  14. Get the backpack, it's so cute
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  15. Yes, it's very cute but not on me. :lol:
    It feels too small on my frame to me, and the zipper bothered me a little.
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