Not happy at all with these 2 bags

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  1. Too big and bulky and the so is too orange. Posting pics in a sec. Up all night upset.
  2. Which two bags did you get ?
  3. image-1824061622.jpg
    image-3947165000.jpg image-229580245.jpg
  4. If you don't like them. Take them back and exchange for other bag, or store credit.
    What is the color of your Lindy? I don't find both size 26 and 30 are bulky as shoulder bag.

    If you like the So Kelly, but don't like Orange color, maybe exchange for other color? Just a thought :smile:
  5. Were these gifts? I am confused as to why anyone would buy bags they don't like. . . .
  6. The Lindy is a 34 I feel like a plum carrying it in the house and I think the orange is not my color I'm a Irish red head. DH picked out the colors on a recent trip
  7. Both are my favourite H the lindy! But important is you must be happy with both..what about exchanging both at your local H store?
  8. How about exchanging the lindy for an etoupe lindy in 30?

    It seems maybe you would like a neutral in a smaller size better...
  9. I'm so sorry you're upset! I think the plum colour would look more special in a smaller size. I have a Lindy 30cm and am quite short but it's fine on me. It's such a deep bag, the smaller sizes are roomy enough for everyday imho. Hopefully you can exchange both for the things you absoutely love. Your DH was amazing to find these 2 but it's always very hard to judge colour and size especially with these 2 styles.
  10. Can you contact both boutique where your DH got them from and your local boutique, see if they can help you find a Lindy in smaller size or arrange store credit for you.
  11. I agree.
    If these bags don't work for you, it's better to exchange for something you like.
  12. I wonder that too.

    Where were they bought if you don´t mind me asking? I would be upset too but because of bad quality, or what I see as not up to par.
  13. Just exchange them for styles and colors that suit you better....
  14. It is a tough situation perhaps for you as they were gifts from your husband and though he tried to get something for you that you LOVE, the pieces just don't thrill you. Here is my advice to you... wrap your arms around him and give him a great big kiss and thank him so much for thinking of you. Assure him that you love the romantic gesture (Because we don"t want him to shy away from future purchases ...hee hee...) and then gently invite him to go with you to the boutique to exchange them for colors, sizes you feel would be more flattering. ... I guess the psychologist in me is showing! Ha! Good luck!
  15. I love your advice! :smile: Folks closest to me know never to surprise me with anything because I am horribly set in my ways and too specific in what I like and it makes me seem so ungrateful. :blush::blush::blush: