**NORDSTROM Price Match Discussion Thread**

  1. How does the Saks EGC work? How much would you get for something that is around 500 dollars?
  2. Too late, I already bought my bag at NM.
  3. The minimum purchase is $1,000 to get anything back.
  4. Do they have Chanel in this dept store?
    Cash back is so much better than GC.
  5. if something is 1900.00 how much do you pay???? and how long does this go on??? thanks
  6. There is another thread like this in the CHanel subforum and someone posted that the offer was not being offered after all?
  7. I originally started another thread about this before...but here goes again. Nordstrom will match the Saks EGC. But, since Nordstrom don't have gift cards they are will deduct the EGC amount from your total amount of the bag. Not all Nordstrom knows about this but call Jackie at Topanga Nordstrom in the Chanel dept.(818)884-7900. She's off soon but you can also ask for Loan because today they did honor a few customers already.
  8. TIA for posting this Shyla14 and thanks for the info, Nga72. I just spoke to Hector from Nordstrom's in Topanga and he said that they will honor it until tomorrow (whenever the Saks EGC event ends, which is Oct 1st thru Oct. 5th). I plan to go there tomorrow so that I can purchase my bag there.
  9. but they do charge sales tax right? Because saks do not charge sales tax out of state.
  10. Does anyone know if Nordstrom Rack will price match? I bought a pair of shoes last weekend, but now I see them sold online at another retailer for 25% less. However, the online retailer does not have my size. I have brought print outs of an item online to Nordstrom, but I don't know if it would work for the Rack.

    Also, I bought a pair of navy pumps during Nordstrom's Half Yearly sale last year for $42, and then I saw the brown version at Nordstrom Rack for $59. If I can dig up the receipt do you think they would honor the price from regular Nordstrom?
  11. ugh I hardly doubt they are going to price match something from over a year ago, if that was the case everyone would keep bookmarks of items since eventually EVERYTHING gets marked down sooner or later and NO nordstrom rack does NOT price match. I tryed last year on a pair of 7 jeans and they said NOPE.
  12. You can get a price match from Nordstrom Rack, but you need to submit it to their corporate office with a copy of your receipt(s) and the item which you wish to match.

    You NEED to purchase the item in order to get the difference refunded to you, they will send you a gift card for the amount.

    However, they will not match things of a different color, different colors go on sale at different times - The item you are matching has to be the exact same thing.

    Honestly though, if it is less than $50.00 savings, it really would not be worth the hassle.
  13. Wanted to start a thread for people who have been told by Nordstrom SAs that they are or are not matching the full 70% off from Saks. Please specify which store/dept said they were price matching.

    I was told by someone at Tysons Nordstrom (men's shoes) that they are NOT price matching the extra 50% because it's only available to saks cardholders (so they would only match the original 40% off). I imagine that will change on Tuesday when the full discount is available to all.

    Has anyone been able to successfully price match the full 70%?
  14. I've price matched some of the online sale stuff from Saks. Nordstrom says they will not be undersold. I would try calling the customer service line. They have always been great when I call to price adjust.
  15. some of the ladies in mj have tried calling nordstrom for price matching, and the sa's have said they cannot go lower than a 50% discount.