No pound for the Dog!?? {Chapman}

  1. TMZ has learned that all Mexican charges may have been dropped against famed bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and two members of his team -- including his son. We're told these photos were taken moments after Dog learned his fate. Hallelujah!
    The group had been charged by a Mexican court with deprivation of liberty, after their 2003 capture of convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta. Chapman had traveled to Mexico to retrieve the Max Factor cosmetics heir, who was wanted in the U.S. on rape charges. Luster is now in jail, serving a 124-year term.

    The Chapman crew was jailed for a brief time after the incident as bounty hunting is considered a crime in Mexico. While TMZ could not immediately confirm the ruling (because nosotros hablamos espanol only a little), Dog's attorney told us he "has received a favorable ruling from the people in Puerto Vallarta. The extent of that ruling is unknown as we are still in the process of translating it."

    Dog, through his publicist, told TMZ, "Viva La Mexico!"
  2. That's fantastic.
  3. fascinated by this family, but you gotta love them!
  4. Cool!

  5. HaHa... I've often wondered how Beth can walk without tipping over.
  6. Excellent news!!!!! I love Dog & Beth......they are "out there" but they have a lot of love for their family. They are lucky to have eachother.
  7. Yay! :tup: That story made me laugh..."nosotros hablamos espanol only a little" LOL!!
  8. I'm glad for Dog but wish they would put Beth in jail - she drives me nuts.

  9. :lol: Tell me about it! She is a hoot!
  10. wooo, Im soo excited for them, I love watching their show!!

    PS- Beth has the biggest boobs Ive ever seen in my damn life... :push:
  11. Good for him that whole fiasco was nuts! He was trying to do a good thing :yes:
  12. I felt SO BAD when I heard this happened to him! He is a genuine person w/ a big heart...I think he's great! Yay!
  13. WOOHOO! I love watching them. Beth can irk people's nerves but I love her! I don't know... it's one of those guilty pleasures I suppose!:biggrin: Good for them!
  14. I like the show. I read this on a blog about a month ago though. I wonder if it's true?
  15. I'm glad this turned out good for the family, I can only imagine the stress they were under.