New Unisex Tote

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  1. My SA just called and told me about it. Details are sketchy, but here's what I have:
    -it'll come in damier and monogram
    -it'll be large size-wise (she said like my Gucci tote- the same one Matt just got)
    -can be worn on the shoulder
    -there will be two black vertical strips of leather on the front (Kiowa-style?)
    -apparently NO vachetta on the mono
    -it'll be in the $800-900 range

    Coming out in June. She didn't know if it's going to be seasonal or permanent.
  2. men or ladies?:confused1:
  3. Need pictures, sound like it could be interesting
  4. Unisex (both; women or men)
  5. Interesting :nuts: Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  6. No vachetta ?! How will these straps look like ? Interesting.. !
  7. that's great news! thanks so much for sharing!
  8. I think I've seen these in the book the name begins with a B I think it looks a little similar in shape to a PDV and I think it's open top pics in book are nothing special if I'm honest but I'm sure it'll look better IRL I think it's perm. but I'm very sketchy on details too
  9. all we need now is pics....:graucho:
  10. Oh wow I am psyched... I love when LV releases unisex bags... that means NO debates LOL!
  11. :hrmm:hmmm ... curioser and curioser:thinking:
  12. Ooh sounds interesting. Something like the Antiguas?
  13. I can't wait to see pics. I wonder what they will use instead of vachetta.
  14. Pics....:popcorn:
  15. What is a PDV?